Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf (jewish) warned the illegals that ICE was coming. This is a serious crime. AJ Sessions stated that he is filing civil charges against the state. This is ridiculous. Trump says to pull OUT of California. Another ridiculous response.

What SHOULD be done? Simple.

  1. Arrest Libby Schaaf and put her in the back of a van, handcuffed, and drive her to Boise Idaho for a “fair jurisdiction” and put her in a high security federal prison with no bail until her trial is held.
  2. Rather than withdraw, FLOOD San Francisco and Oakland with 50,000 ICE officers. Flood the shit out of the city. Make it impossible for a single illegal to get near a burrito. Raise hell. And take any illegal found into long term detention, deportation, then put on a slow boat ride to the southernmost tip of mexico or their home country.

Drastic? Hardly. Speak softly and be a wuss like Sessions has ZERO EFFECT on the end of our nation. Sessions is a total pussy. What a joke.