The forty women will begin the 29-day training known as MCT. According to the Marine Corps, the mission of the Marine Combat Training Battalion is to train Marines to be basic combat rifleman in order to prepare them for worldwide deployment in the operating forces.

Entry-level Marines are taught the common skills needed in combat. While at Marine Combat Training Battalion every Marine will learn: the basics of day and night combat marksmanship, use of the M67 grenade, employment and targeting with the M203 Grenade Launcher and M240B Medium Machine Gun, how to detect and respond to Improvised Explosive Devices, defensive fundamentals, convoy operations, offensive fundamentals, patrolling, Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT), tactical communications, Combat Hunter, tactical field care and land navigation.

“Well, they aren’t very good navigating with maps, and we trounce them in hand to hand combat, but there are benefits to having women around” said a marine who wished to remain anonymous.  “Yah, but only at night” said another laughing.


Marines also undergo combat conditioning through the use of obstacle courses, conditioning hikes, and combat fitness runs. Upon completion of Marine Combat Training, every Marine will have the knowledge and ability to deploy and operate in any combat environment around the world as a basic rifleman.

Female marines don’t have to sport the buzz cut, they can keep their long hair, have earrings, and even long nails. They’ve even created new K-rations with enclosed sanitary pads. “It’s the new military, so we had better get used to it” said a corporal.