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The joker shooter in aurora wore a gas mask.

I thought gee, I bet the florida parkland school shooter also was wearing a face mask. How did I know?

suddenly saw the shooter about twenty feet in front of me…  in full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before…”

Because there can be no video evidence confirming the shooter. Because the “shooter” Cruz was drugged on Ketamine and told to go to see the nurse.  Confused, he left with the other kids.

I know it sounds ridiculous to insinuate that Nikolas Cruz is not the shooter. It sounds like I must be ignoring all evidence. Actually quite the contrary I am trying to form a picture of events BASED on all the evidence rather than absorbing WHAT THEY TOLD ME HAPPENED.

One thing that was incredulous was the court hearing. I did not hear the judge ask them if he pleaded guilty or not guilty. They seemed to skip that part. That’s insane! That is always the very first thing. The charges are read, and the person enters a plea. That is how it’s supposed to work. Where was Cruz’ plea? Yet across all the TV screens in America it said Cruz “Confesses” and they had confesses in quotes because IT NEVER HAPPENED. That was the first thing that made me start to think. I decided to wait for the eye witness testimony to come out. And what I found made me sick to my stomach. The story they were telling us was a lie.

His own lawyer is already starting from a presumption of guilt :

Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz willing to plead guilty to avoid death penalty, attorney Howard Finkelstein says

If I were investigating, I’d start with that Uber driver. But even he could not have been in on it. But he could say if Cruz got in alone or if there was anyone else around. Most likely the handlers who drugged cruz. Did he speak clearly did he slur his words? Did he look sedated and drugged? How did he carry his bullet proof vest, mask, and AR-15 without being noticed that’s a lot of gear!  If he entered the car with just a backpack, thats a discrepancy. The eye witness says FULL METAL assault garb. That’s a lot of equipment. Thats one huge duffel bag.

When Apprehended Cruz did not have a gun, metallic armor, or a face mask

Now two students have confirmed they heard shooting while seeing cruz in regular clothes with no guns. Hmmm. Other students described how he walked down the corridor shooting through the walls … so no one would see him.

Remember they found the Aurora shooter dozing in his car. No one not one person not one video identified Holmes inside the theater. Same thing here. No videos of him not one person identified. They are pressuring him to plead guilty for a life sentence instead of the death penalty. What if he says “not guilty” where is their evidence? That he bought a AR-15?

Another thing. Shooting that many rounds lets off a lot of powder burns. Did he have powder residue on his clothes and hands? I’m guessing NOT!

Where is the forensic evidence?

the most damning bit of evidence against the notion that Cruz is the shooter comes from a fellow student – Alexa Miednik –  who knew him. She said in an interview on video that she evacuated the building with him AS GUN FIRE WAS GOING OFF and she told him “gee I thought you would be the shooter”


Student Marjory Stoneman says in her interview that there were THREE SHOOTERS

Where is the evidence. Where is the evidence. ZERO so far. ZERO.

Let’s talk about the “I want to be a professional school shooter” comment on facebook. You realize it does have a different meaning from shooting up high schools. He could have meant a shooting INSTRUCTOR, as in “Professional School” for shooting.  Is that far fetched? Hardly in fact I think we only SEE the meaning as a high school shooter AFTER the incident. Also, one wonders if this tip off didnt send black ops to PICK him as the goat for this attack because they knew he had an incriminating background.

The police report says they found his AR-15 along with vest and magazines. And that he confessed to them. How convenient.


I think unless there is a signed confession or video we have to be careful. Police have cameras everywhere. So where is the video of his confession? Maybe it was off the cuff? As a trained police officer you would think the first thing you would do is get it on video. What if he never confessed? What if its a lie?

Let’s dissect the police filing a bit more. Cruz put his AR-15 and multiple magazines AND a helmet/face mask and leg/arm protectors into a backpack. That’s one magical backpack. At a MINIMUM it means that the AR-15 must have had a very collapsable or folding stock. Did it? We don’t know because NO PICTURE OF THE GUN HAS BEEN RELEASED! What happens if the gun did NOT have a folding stock? Does that make the claim that he carried it in a backpack utterly ridiculous?  Even with a collapsing stock, it wouldn’t fit in a backpack. Here is an example of a folding stock AR-15 that will fit into a backpack, notice the special ultra short barrel that is required to make it fit. Is this what Cruz had? I don’t know. Who knows? Not displaying the gun to the public AT THE TIME OF THE ARREST leaves it open to manipulation. Once the police realize this discrepancy they may fake it. Am I being paranoid? Did 4 sheriffs deputies cower in fear outside the door?

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a message to officer Israel

Police recovered his gun and vest. What about the rest of the body armor he was seen in “FULL METAL” according to the witness. Where is all that stuff? Never recovered. The commando(s) carried it off with them presumably.

There was one eyewitness.

Mackenzie Hill, who’d just left the psychology class to use an upstairs bathroom, saw a man with a gun at the other end of the second-floor hallway. Mackenzie said she recognized him.  “I immediately knew it was him,” she said. She remembered the boy from her middle school and from the Dollar Store in town.

Notice she does not say she saw his face and identified him. She sounds like she is making a GUESS!!!

Worse, in her ONLY interview, over the phone with Hannity, she READ a PREPARED STATEMENT. SICK! This is the most critical witness to the whole event and she cannot give a candid interview even over the phone. 

What they did with Holmes, dying his hair red, made it easy to spoof him in a gas mask. Just have a big red hair wig. All people would remember is that crazy red hair.  “He claims he doesn’t know why he’s in jail,” the worker said Thursday. “He asked, ‘Why am I here?’”

Cruz doesn’t look like he could lift a gun to me. I don’t buy it.

Also notice how quickly everyone is saying he confessed but he DID NOT CONFESS.

CNN and other news sites had his pre-arraignment hearing titled ”

Florida shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz ‘confesses’ as lawyer says he is broken

And then there is a police officer interview statement which said Cruz confessed. This is all very important to set the narrative. They are going to try to push a guilty plea down his throat over and over and over until he finally does it. This is their MO. This is de way.

All of the security camera footage was being delayed 20 minutes. It was all being carefully edited and scrubbed before being released. The officers at the scene did not get live camera footage.

I don’t buy any of this for a minute and you shouldn’t either. Cruz told his foster parents he was “the happiest he’s been in his life”. When they saw him very briefly he said “I’m sorry” but that’s not an admission, he would say “I’m sorry” for leaving a cup out and being asked to wash it. He would say I’m sorry often. He’s probably very confused and cant’ remember as the Ketamine drugs wear off.  Did they do a blood test as soon as they got him in custody and search for drugs? Nope!

There is NOT ONE PICTURE of Cruz at the school with a gun

There is ONLY ONE EYE WITNESS who saw a man with a mask on from down a long hallway. Was she guessing?

All video is confiscated and according to Israel “Will never be released”

This sounds like 911 not a school shooting. WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?

Finally, their “code red” guidelines which told students to hide behind desks and in closets and to sit on the floor is ridiculous. They need to get as low as possible as far away from the wall as possible. But no one ever thought to do that so people died. That pisses me off because that was supposed to be a well taught well practiced response. And their response was infantile and stupid. Who is behind that nonsense?

The strongest evidence against Cruz is that recovered bag with his AR-15. But Cruz did NOT keep his gun in a safe and his house was EMPTY that morning. How difficult would it have been for a trained commando team to liberate the weapon, having targeted Cruz as the dupe based on all the other students hating him and reporting him.

Another thing that bothers me. What if all these “Cruz is going to be a shooter” comments is just a lot of stuck up rich kid students? They seem like a terrible bunch of smarmie spoiled brats in many of the videos. What if Cruz was just autistic and HE was the one bullied? No on thinks of that angle. He doesn’t strike me as a violent bully, not in the least.

Why did the police officers all wait outside? Maybe they didn’t want a repeat of Sandy Hook – entering before the commandos could get out. What? Watch the video –

Multiple shooters at Sandy Hook? ALL CAR DOORS OPEN according to eye witness


Another teacher sees shooter in MASK