President Trump on Wednesday commuted the prison sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, who was convicted in 2009 on 86 counts of financial fraud. (AP Photo/ Andrea Melendez, Pool)President Trump issued his first prison commutation Wednesday to a man whose business was caught employing 389 illegal immigrants in a single shift, dismaying anti-illegal immigration advocates and a former prosecutor on the case.

With Trump’s rare use of clemency, Sholom Rubashkin left prison seven years into a 27-year sentence.

Trump’s Jewish friends were pissed off that a fellow jew was caught abusing illegal aliens and robbing from banks. Jews ran much of the slave trade and now they seem to be profiting on illegal immigration as the new slavery. Apparently even Jared Kushner pleaded for the filthy animal’s release.

“It’s disgraceful, this Shylock was an out and out criminal and Trump let him go. Why?” said Chester Bromington, a meat packing industry spokesperson.

He was up to his hips in illegal immigration,” said Robert Teig, a former assistant U.S. attorney involved in prosecuting Rubashkin. Before his conviction, Rubashkin oversaw operations at Agriprocessors, his father’s company and once one of the nation’s largest kosher meat producers.

A 2008 raid of the company’s Iowa meatpacking facilities resulted in the mass arrest of workers, many of whom were convicted of using false documents and deported. Later, the business went bankrupt and prosecutors dropped immigration charges to focus on bank fraud and money laundering crimes.

“The government went in on just one of the shifts. There were two or three shifts,” Teig said. “The rest of the illegal workforce didn’t show up after that and that’s what caused the business to fail. He built his business on the back of illegal immigrants.”

ABC News reported that the bust was “the largest single raid of a workplace in U.S. history.” But it’s too late for Rubashkin to face trial for immigration-related crimes due to a five-year statute of limitations, Teig said.

In announcing Trump’s first prison commutation, the White House cited the support of members of Congress from both parties who lobbied for a commutation, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz personally asked Trump to give the commutation and a group of former U.S. attorneys general backed claims Rubashkin’s was an unfairly harsh sentence.

Prosecutors said at sentencing that Rubashkin was found to have “cheated a bank and others out of a staggering amount of money — more than $26 million.” His conviction on 86 federal counts was upheld on appeal.