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Sadly when these two cultures collide it doesn’t end well.  The diminutive vietnamese nail workers against the thuggish brutish blacks that tower over them seems like such an unfair fight. Sadly these poor vietnamese immigrants are opening up shops in ghetto areas and attacks on them by crazy black women are common place. What is interesting is how these five feet tall women never back down. They’ve seen lifetimes of hardship and aren’t about to back down to anyone.

At a nail salon in Concord, four blacks came in and ordered everything they could then pepper sprayed the workers and ran out.

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Three women and a man came to Ruby’s Nail Salon in Concord Thursday night, just before closing time, and ordered the works. He had a pedicure while the women got a full set with a long manicure, complete with rhinestones.

It was work that cost more than $200 and 2 hours of labor.

I’ve seen this black men getting pedicures at nail salons before. It’s an act of humiliation. They do it to degrade the women. And when you see their disgusting feet its a wonder how the women don’t puke.