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Tillerson was like Cohen, he got to redeem millions of stock and stock options and pay zero tax.  So this was Trump’s gift to wall street. It didn’t matter what abilities these guys had. So after about a year, they head out. This is all to be expected. The same thing happened with Hank Paulson. So it’s nothing to muddle with. Now that Trump has seen people in action he is picking his soldiers. Cohen was anti tariff, which is what big globalists always are.  Tillerson well, it’s hard to say his faults except that he had zero experience in diplomacy and never struck me as someone who would be able to negotiate. But at least he seemed tough.

So that leads to what to think about Pompeo. Pompeo is the deep state. It’s not a good idea to keep all the insiders. Much better to bring in non-DC people to fill roles. But the talk is Trump gets along with him them both being old powerful men. Well, maybe he’s not terrible. But it’s the same mistake Trump made surrounding himself with generals. With Pompeo, he will never dismantle the deep state or the intelligence apparatchiks or the 17 agencies. Big brother is us. sigh.

One actually hopes for the removal of Sessions. But with all the investigations still going on its not politically possible yet. But soon.  Sessions and Rod both have to go.  Clinton should have been slapped in chains from day 1. So they are a joke.

Will we get there? doubtful. Is Trump still doing better? Probably. Has he done anything on the H-1B? No. Do we need 25% tariffs against China across the board like Trump said we did in his MotherF$#ker speech? Hell yes we do. And we can do that AFTER we cut our North Korean deal. China’s days ripping us off are coming to an end. Our cities crumbled and they built shanghai. It’s time to reverse the money flow.

On the theory of monetary policy it’s quite important that dollars IN equals dollars OUT. Tariffs can do that. Otherwise you get other nations buying up your country. As China has. so we need 800B in Tariffs. It’s basic economics. Will prices go up at home? Yehp. But crap retailers like Walmart have been selling $2 jeans for $20 for far too long and raking in billions. Time for them to stop getting a cushy ride as well.