This image from video shows Stillwater bail agent Chasity Carey, right, after shooting her client. She and her son, Justin Henderson, left, were trying to take the client into custody Aug. 9. [Video provided by Payne County district attorney's office]

Horrific video of a bail agent murdering a man in cold blood. She got off.

“They had a very difficult time with the way the case was charged and could not find the element required in murder one of malice aforethought,” defense attorney Emilie Kirkpatrick told The Oklahoman. “I have nothing but the highest praise for this jury. They stuck by the law that they were given.”

“Malice” is defined in state law as a deliberate intention to take away the life of another. Prosecutors must prove that element to a jury for a first-degree murder conviction.

Kirkpatrick spoke with jurors after the trial. She said they told her they didn’t believe prosecutors proved that deliberate intent to kill.

Carey testified at the trial in support of her self-defense claim. Prosecutors argued that because Williams was shot in the back, Carey couldn’t have been acting in self-defense.