Responding to a 9-1-1 call for a female with possible mental illness. Tori Spelling flailed her arms like a windmill as she refused to go to the hospital.

Tori Spelling in Los Angeles, California on December 8, 2017. The 44-year-old is raising five children under the age of 11 — Liam, 11, Stella, 9, Hattie, 6, Finn, 5, and Beau — while facing narrowing career prospects and fighting with an underemployed husband who was busted having an affair in 2013. “You would think the cheating, money problems and constant arguing would be enough for Tori to decide to divorce Dean, but she refuses to even discuss it,” says the source.

Spelling left her first husband, actor Charlie Shanian, for McDermott, 51, just 15 months after their lavish $1 million 2004 vows. “Tori believes a divorce would label her as a failure,” explains the insider.

“They are heavily in debt” — and have moved eight times in the past seven years. “Tori has had enough of Dean’s moaning about not being a working actor and is demanding he get a real job to support their family.” But the onetime Chopped Canada host “will start a cooking school or take up another professional hobby, then give it up.”

Meanwhile, Spelling is left to pick up the slack. And when she can’t, she turns to mom Candy, 72. “Candy pays for all of the kids’ expenses,” says the insider.

“I’m a star” claims her husband, he’s just waiting for the next show to hit.