Congdon’s caption read, “one month until @saquonand i get to meet our little angel 👼🏽💛🌿 His Negro stank and mop head is dreamy”

I guess if there’s money to be had women will fuck anything. The US government gives trillions in tax subsidies and free stadiums to billionaire sports teams, making millions available to the players, it’s all to push negro culture to force white people to worship negros and to think that somehow negros are acceptable members of society. It’s all a lie.

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The final joke part of this story is Penn Stater Sasquatch hasn’t even been picked for the NFL yet. What if he breaks his knee in a freak accident? Her baby entrapment dollar net might just backfire on this young coal burner. But of course, that’s not likely to happen. A few years from now she can divorce and take millions. The Groid Fuck Lottery. She’s basically a parasite on the pushing groid culture Kalergi plan to negro-fy america.