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We Citizens Dog

Sixty million hispanics from the third world have piled into the USA. But we treat their children like citizens just because they were born here. And that means free housing free food free everything. It isn’t even tax payer paid for, it all has to be borrowed to pay for it because America is broke. 21 trillion in debt.

But deys citizens says the latina mom with 22 chillin. No actually, they are not. It’s a mis-interpretation of the 14th amendment.

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States

The key point is “subject to the jurisdiction of”.  So ambassadors children would not be citizens. Neither would children of invaders.

What is the point of building a wall when latinas know that if they pop out 4 children they will get the equivalent of $60,000 a year salary for free. Cause the chillin. Cause Vagina. Our gynocracy handing everything over to the wimminz now means invasion and destruction of the country. but not one politico will touch it.

Ending it would be simple, just a executive order saying that in order to get a SSN and qualify for benefits the family must submit the ssn of one parent. easy cheesy peasy invasion over. Why doesn’t it happen? If they don’t do it soon there will be 100 million invaders illegally voting and it will be impossible to change it.