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When you visit Indonesia or Southern Thailand you will be struck by the many many loving peaceful Muslim peoples there who cook great food, don’t steal, don’t murder, don’t rape, don’t push their religion on others, don’t build great mosques and Muzzie calls. No. They are entirely different. Why?

The reality is it’s NOT THE MUSLIM RELIGION which is the danger. It’s the Africanized genetics in African and Middle Eastern rapefugees.

It is that sub-species of humanity which diverged over a million years ago from homo sapiens. They are Homo Gorrilius Africanus.  And they are a Non-investing reproductive strategy, meaning they will continue to reproduce child after child even in impoverished conditions with no care or concern for their ability to invest and properly raise the children. The women will be wild and have sex with anything that moves, and the men will be high testosterone angry savage people which steal rob rape and murder.

The cost to support these people in a modern society is huge. America has spent 20 Trillion of its wealth housing feeding and trying to rise up the pavement ape to Europanic standards, and it has mostly failed. Without the trillions spent each year, they will quickly return to mud huts and shitting in the streets, as the Liberia experiment proved.

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Thai Muslims are more Gentle being Asian

The result, is America is broke and it’s Europanic middle class is in tatters.  It is a dying nation with no way out. Unless it stops its dysgenic practices of providing MORE resources the more non-Europanics reproduce. It must be just the opposite, the reward and higher payout must be for having NO CHILDREN.

The result of pushing this mongrel species of human on nations like the Kalergi plan intones, is easily predictable – raped and beaten women, blacks reproducing like rabbits, war, famine, and third world (african) conditions. Eventually the host nation dies which is what is happening in Sweden today. Money to house the native homeless population dries up. Food for the poor goes to refugees rather than natives. Why?

After a few months in Liberia, the blacks begged to come back to America. They had no ability to build a nation for themselves. After a few years of many whites leaving South Africa they are having trouble repairing their sewage systems. No natives know how. they have to hire expensive white contractors. Eventually the nation descends back to the mud huts and shit in the streets. Modernity is a Europanic result.