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Dey’s as good as whitey, yet when we raise them in whitey’s rich houses they still busta a cap in the hood! What’s going on? It’s pervasive racism, deep racism according to Harvard and Stanford. How about the reality that its genetic inferiority, genetic disposition to violence and anti-community activities, and genetic low IQ ? Oh no that’s RACISS conclusion to our RACISS study.

Black victimization and racism against blacks IS A MYTH because they REFUSE TO ADMIT SCIENTIFIC INFERIORITY OF THE NEGROID RACE in terms of violence, IQ, rape, and promoting community.

The social justice horror is so pervasive at schools like Stanford and Harvard that they suppress the truth. The truth is blacks are violent and low IQ regardless of their economic status. We brought the black out of africa, but you cannot bring the africa out of the black.

Studies show that boys, across races, are more sensitive than girls to disadvantages like growing up in poverty or facing discrimination. While black women also face negative effects of racism, black men often experience racial discrimination differently. As early as preschool, they are more likely to be disciplined in school. They are pulled over or detained and searched by police officers more often.

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“It’s not just being black but being male that has been hyper-stereotyped in this negative way, in which we’ve made black men scary, intimidating, with a propensity toward violence,” said Noelle Hurd, a psychology professor at the University of Virginia.

She said this racist stereotype [ aka GENETIC REALITY OF THE NEGROID RACE ] particularly hurts black men economically, now that service-sector jobs, requiring interaction with customers, have replaced the manufacturing jobs that previously employed men with less education.

The new data shows that 21 percent of black men raised at the very bottom were incarcerated, according to a snapshot of a single day during the 2010 census. Black men raised in the top 1 percent—by millionaires—were as likely to be incarcerated as white men raised in households earning about $36,000.