The Genocide of America’s Best and Brightest engineers enters its 30th year. This is madness. This is a nation committing suicide. This has to stop. But it never ends.


“We like the dumb indians better” said a company insider. It doesn’t matter that they can’t do anything, that their code constantly crashes. The dumb brown people with fake degrees and fake resumes have one redeeming trait. They are obsequious.  “Yes Madam” “Yes Sir” “Right away sir” and were they driving a rickshaw, that would be appropriate. But sadly no, they are taking jobs away from the middle class hard working American engineers. Eight million of them are already here, Five million Americans now have been thrown away. When does it stop? Apparently NEVER.

They act as a diversity buffer for all white management teams. “see we are diverse look at all our dumb brown people” smile the management smugly. This is the real reason why the replacement can never be defeated.

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We are the bestest smartest computer people on the planet!

“Indian students enrolled in engineering schools to gain employment in the rapidly growing US IT industry via the H-1B visa program,” the study states. “Those who could not join the US workforce, due to the H-1B cap, remained in India, and along with return-migrants, enabled the growth of an Indian IT sector, which led to the outsourcing of some production to India.” Except the study is lying, there has been ZERO job growth in the past 18 years in the computer industry in the USA. The only difference is we have replaced nearly all our engineers with low skilled foreign labor. Every person brought over is one more American engineer kicked to the curb.

Researchers also admit that American workers, because of the importation of foreign workers through the H-1B visa, have been displaced and forced to take jobs in non-computer science careers.

“When we cannot afford the CS degree in india, we can buy one for just 300 rupees” said Ganesh smiling.

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The wives all get to take American jobs also, on the H-4 visa

Despite the researchers claiming the H-1B visa has made the U.S. and India “better off,” IT exports show otherwise. For instance, exports of IT goods from the U.S. has steadily declined since 1995. India, on the other hand, has enjoyed a steady rise of IT exports since 1995. Over 200 American software engineers have killed themselves due to H-1B replacement. Over 350,000 Indians are bought in each year to take the jobs of American engineers. 2.6 million visas approved in the past 10 years (between 250k and 350k each year), plus visas for their wives on the H-4 visa (125,000 each year!), and many get green cards and never leave.  So the 5 million estimate is quite easily reached just looking at the past ten years, but remember this program has been going on for decades.

“Now all of India is studying to get computer jobs in America, that’s a billion people!” said Ganesh laughing.

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“Do you need Java or Coffee Programming? I can percolate either!” said a Mumbai Engineer hoping to come to America


——————— Fake Diplomas Commonplace in India ————-

The GAO in THREE SEPARATE STUDIES found that the majority of degrees claimed by H-1B invaders were FAKE!

Rememeber it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to verify these degrees from America.

Aren’t we fucking stupid to import millions and millions of these faked degreed shysters and throw our best and brightest in the streets?

Fake degrees are rattling the foundation of Mumbai University, one of the oldest universities in India. Earlier this year a vendor was literally stationed outside of the campus supplying people with fake degrees. While shocking, that vendor was not the only one supplying the bogus certificates. Over the last three and a half school years, more than 900 fake MU degrees have been discovered through pre-employment verifications.

Allahabad, once known to be a hub of quality higher education, has also thrown up concerns over the issue of fake degree. In the current academic session itself, Allahabad University has detected at least 1,129 cases of fake degrees. University officials claim that, on an average, 8,325 cases of forged documents are detected every year. Majority of the degrees relates to the period from 2002 to 2012.

“Why waste two years to get a bachelors degree, I got mine in five minutes” said Salamabi Asham smiling.

Even the prime minister of India has a fake degree apparently! “There is no shame in this, I could never have become Prime Minister without it” said Narenda Modi

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The most popular fake degree choices are Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Sciences and Masters of Management Studies. Every time the university discovers someone passing off a counterfeit degree they notify the police, but the university told local newspapers that there is no way to tell how many of these phony diplomas are never discovered because most companies don’t include education verification in their screening process. Each year they only get 3,500 to 4,000 verification requests, an extremely low number considering the hundreds of thousands of degrees they have conferred.

MU is not the only institution dealing with this problem. A report from New Delhi TV found 1 in every 3 lawyers in India is a fake. They describe a full third of the nations’ attorneys as possessing “fraudulent” law degrees or as being “non-practicing persons” who are degrading the profession.

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A degree mill in India was busted recently. They had issued over FIVE MILLION fake degrees.


Khanna also points out that education verification goes a lot farther than just confirming a degree. He says it’s a simple way to find out if the person you are thinking about hiring is honest and forthright. “Most degrees from India are fake, you just have to know it” said the examiner.