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New archeological findings in the tomb attributed to Allah were discovered which show that Muhammed while having many wives, also enjoyed the company of men. Several large phallus shaped stones and male dolls with correct anatomy were discovered in Muhammed’s tomb.

“IT is shocking but we can get used to it” said one of his followers

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Phallus Inscribed With The Name Mahammud

“We look forward to the new INCLUSIVE LGBT Muslims and hope they defend the rights of homosexuals as the same as everyone” said Rainbow Sprout a lesbian activist

All around the tomb of Muhammed were these odd phallic shaped rocks. Were they simply mushrooms?

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“This is the true origin of the Burka, he had to hide his young male concubines from public view!” said Islamic Scholar Muhammed Bin-Al-Salam

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Other works discovered at the site shows what appears to be men copulating. “This means nothing” said Muhammed Bin-Al-Salam, “They simply liked to look at these things it doesn’t mean Muhammed himself was gay it simply indicates that Muhammed was virile”. But the figure in the rock (see above) has Muhammed’s distinctive nose and beard and even the helmet he would wear into war. “It’s definitely a depiction of Muhammed, in fact this may be the reason why depictions of Muhammed are banned today, they had to get rid of all these carving of him with other men” said Rahmesh Shah Bindi, a teacher at the Mecca Institute of Archaeology. “Anal sex between men was common in Muhammed’s time, but it wasn’t considered gay, it was just part of being a man” said Shah Bindi.

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