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After signing the omnibus bill, Trump shocked reporters by going over his new 2020 campaign slogans.


Trump has funded border walls in Libya, Jordan, and Egypt to the tune of 5 Billion dollars. I guess that’s what he meant when he said “BuildTheWall”


This Jeff Sessions inspired new mantra for Hillary Clinton replaces the old “LockHerUp” hashtag. With no special consul to investigate she has been laughing and rolling in her piles of millions of stolen money.  Even the people who investigated what happened to Seth Rich ended up shot in the back.


With 500 MILLION dollars for abortions vis Planned Parenthood, MAGA has gone way to abortions. Instead of screaming MAGA at Trump events, the audience will just go MAAAAA


With 1.3 Trillion in spending just in 4 months, pushing new crippling debt of 2 TRILLION DOLLARS a year, any sense of fiscal responsibility has gone out the window


Trump continually discusses the plight of the poor 40 year old DACA children who need citizenship and legal status, but rarely talks about all the jobs they have stolen from Americans


With record 350,000 H-1B Indians with fake degrees and 125,000 wives (also allowed to work!) coming in every year for no new jobs, thats half a million American software engineers kicked to the curb each year! If they don’t lose their jobs outright, salaries are driven down by scab labor, and that’s exactly what Gates and ZukerFuk want!


Oh John Bolton, your years pushing for one sided trade deals which favored China and your war hawk NeoCon status which pushed to overthrow Libya and led to the Islamic Jihad oh you’re just such a joy.

2020 will be an ambitious campaign. How the demothugs will respond to Trump’s new slogans is anyone’s guess