photoWhat to do if you are hispanic but don’t have an anchor baby? STEAL ONE! Or so happened in a walmart recently when a woman was told to give up her baby at machete point.

With 12,000 bucks in “earned income tax credit” and a lifeline for free housing and food, having that baby is no small matter. When a hispanic finds out his wife is infertile, they simply go about getting that baby any way they can.

Until the mis-interpretation of the 14th amendment is corrected – having children in the USA does NOT confer citizenship to children of illegal aliens – the babies will be the key to unlocking free section 8 housing, free food, free dollars at a cost of $100,000 per immigrant per year. This is not only unstainable, it is utter madness. In truth, the husbands work, but they simply do not register the marriage. So the wives become “single moms” and thats the secret word to ENDLESS payola including free college.


Police in Louisiana say a possible illegal immigrant with a machete tried to snatch two children from their mothers inside a Walmart.

Kenner police say it happened on Friday afternoon.  They say at about 2 p.m., Billy Yoe Budier-Herrera entered the Wal-Mart store with a backpack and approached a mother and her 2-year-old child, who was seated inside a grocery cart.  Police say he  told the mother if she did not listen to his instructions, she would die. The victim mother attempted to walk away from Budier-Herrera when he blocked the victim, placing his hand on the handle of a machete, causing the mother to fear for she and her child’s safety.

Police say he then threatened to kill the boy if she did not listen.  The mother asked for help from store employees, as Budier-Herrera grabbed the 2-year-old, and attempted to remove the child from the grocery cart and take off.