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In a shocking new report of fraud and abuse at the Pentagon, it has come to light that the Pentagon failed to record or keep records of the types of vehicles and their vin numbers and where they were to be used in Afghanistan, for almost 100,000 vehicles. Many fear that tens of thousands of them were sold to Al-Quaeda for quick profits.

The Afghanistan army claims to be “unable” to defend itself and needs more training, and every time Al-Quaeda attacked it they would run like castrated boys. In short they are a fake army just siphoning off Uncle Sams free dollars.

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Refusing to do any real work at all, Afghanis simply let all their vehicles fall apart. “We need more training we need more training” they whined and cried over and over. Maybe they are just stupid? And we need to get the hell out? It’s time to get the hell out of Afghanistan. The Russians figured it out. What the hell is wrong with America?

the latest findings from the DoD IG report:

For example, Afghan officials only provided CSTC-A fuel consumption reports for the Afghan army when directly requested by the United States, though contracts require biweekly reports. The IG concluded the United States cannot be certain that at least $174 million worth of fuel was properly used.

CSTC-A also cannot properly track the status of some 95,000 vehicles that the United States has given the Afghans because officials did not properly inventory the types and quantities of vehicles provided.

Furthermore, the IG blamed CSTC-A officials for failing to properly train the Afghans to maintain those vehicles, leaving the U.S. military to spend about $21 million to replace engines and transmissions that should have been the Afghans responsibility.

The IG report was the eighth and final report in a series of oversight investigations into CSTC-A functions since 2015. The reports have uncovered widespread issues within the command, including the commands’ inability to account for more than $700 million of ammunition provided to the Afghan security forces between 2015 and 2017.