Luthor Campbell said “I wouldn’t even go over there”.

Urban beach weekend in Miami beach, held over Memorial Day weekend, produces tons of mayhem, shootings, crime, and trash. Over 500,000 Negros gather for the spectacle each year and now Miami is sick of it.

Doug Giles, Miami  councilman had this to say “This past weekend … they turned South Beach Into a WarZone… they made our cosmopolitan playground look more like CAIRO. One of them tried to run over a cop and then shot at them.”

So it’s time to end it and the city has an idea. Classical Music, played and blasted all along the beach. Pachelbel, Beethoven, Vivaldi, and Rachmaninoff. This new music festival will replace the ghetto wars of negros who trash the streets and break out in violence.

It still has to go to a vote. We will see….

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“”Wese Got Da Boo-Tay” screamed a team of girls at black beach week