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Article Update: Vicky has had her black baby! She says she needs three more to get the good welfare but for now its a good start!


She was a typical white 16 year old until her results came back.

“I’s a niggruh” said the at first sad and dejected teen. But Woah has embraced her black side even learning ebonics.

“I took like the classes ya know, to learn to speak black. I got an A cause i’m black”

From Dreadlocks to brawling with cops, She has fully adopted the black lifestyle.

“Welfare sounds pretty good, I just need Vickto find my baby father, Hollah!”

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Vicky poses with her black babies daddy

“Forget Dolezeal, Dis Bitch Crank!” said a black person. Not sure what that means either but it sure does sound good!

In her latest show, she traveled to Kenya to “find” her black grandma.  Viewers were shocked when she returned with an actual black grandma.

“She my momma momma hollah! Cause like niggah I found dat bluf griftin on my ho mama”

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The black woman seemed confused “I don know what is going on but she said she needed a grandma so I came back with her. This girls touched in the head, no really, shes not right” said the old woman frowning.

“I was most proud of my mug shot with my homies, I’s in de club now! Gangsta Life!” True Hood” screamed out an excited Vicki. “Gots my street cred bitches”

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We aren’t quite sure what the hell she is saying, but you go girl! Apparently Dolezeal is freaking out to be so upstaged by such a young upstart. All we can say is, welcome to the new crunk!