Why do they think it’s ok to look and sound like this? This is absolutely psychotic. Putting on a wig does NOT make you a woman. Talking with a man moose voice is NOT being a woman. They don’t budget for the transformative surgeries to actually achieve a successful transition and then everyone ends up thinking trans people are absolute nutters. These people are DAMAGING and should NEVER get on talk shows. What is WRONG WITH THEM They are going to get people killed. Frightening.

This is not hate speech. Also, if you are 50 years old, what the hell are you doing wearing full upper and lower black eyeliner? It makes you look like a crow! Are they just utterly foolish and without a CLUE? And no, severe plucked eyebrows on a septegenarian IS NOT A GoOD LOOK! GET A CLUE ABOUT THE BASICS OF WOMANHOOD! THE BASICS.

But no. THEY get to dictate and demand acceptance. Sorry. If you look like a freak you will be treated like  a freak the world is cruel and if you are hyper stupid you deserve what you get. Utterly ridiculous.

Now, the thing is, knowledge of trans sexing has been around for decades. So when these fifty and sixty year olds were in their 20s and 30s, what is their excuse for not transitioning then? Answer – they were cowards.  Probably in a marriage, with children, and decided to wait and do a caitlin jenner when everyone is all grown up.  They want their cake and eat it too. Sorry. If you thought that estrogen would work on a 60 year old you are sadly mistaken, the effects diminsh. If you begin transition pre-puberty you can have the best result, but issues with micropenis effect SRS results requiring colon graft surgery.  If you transition in your 20s, after trying out an adult male role for several years, you will most likely have a very successful transition. In your 30s, less so but still quite possible. Add some facial feminization surgery and you’ll be ok. But hold out until your 50s… well pretty much forget it. the Flower no longer blooms.

Now, this is not to say everyone has to look like Kim Petras or Blaire White. But be reasonable. If you are utterly clueless, hire a consultant. There is no excuse for looking how the person in the picture below looks even WITHOUT ANY ESTROGEN EVER. It is simply stupidity. Why don’t they take makup classes and learn the basics. It’s like “Oh I’m a woman now, no I don’t want to do any work. And no I don’t want to scrimp and save for face surgery I want to keep living a fat lifestyle”

Gender transition is hard life threatening painful shit. Go do electrolysis on your upper lip for five minutes if you think its for wimps. It’s not  for wimps. Its only for those who have big cahones the size of sperm whales. You can DIE during SRS. Yes it’s less frequent, but IT STILL HAPPENS. This is no small shit. So that doubly makes me pissed off when you see these wackos. They bring things down for EVERYONE. And lumping in transgenders (aka those who put pink mops on their heads and proclaim they are five year old girls) just invites the freaks into a space that was once a medical space for those who are really dealing with serious stuff. Its insane.

So it’s not just HOW they look, but WHY they look so bad. And the reason is, they were cowards their whole life. Is that unfair? I don’t think so.