Update: Added Youtube Video of Nasim in cow uniform

Update: No more mention of a male shooter. The female shooter has been identified NOT as white but a middle eastern iranian woman of armenian background (like Kim Kardashian).  Nasim Aghdam.

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Update The male shooter eye witnesses saw was NOT reported by police. Also notice how the police identify the race of the shooter as WHITE, something they would NEVER EVER do if they were black. They might still be HISPANIC… we will have to wait and see for the identification.


She was young, brazen, and had just finished a video about muslim gang rape. In seconds her channel was demonetized and shut down.  “Violates company policy” said the notice. “What policy?” she asked but was told that information was “confidential”. Ok we are just guessing. With YouTube pissing off all it’s conservative video creators with channel strikes and shutdowns there’s a lot of animosity against them.

Most of us just accept that’s the shit YouTube does these days. And we flee to Bitchute. But not this girl. No, early in the morning she entered the building well armed and ready to get justice. When the smoke cleared both the shooter and THREE YouTubists were dead. Another sad day for America.

The scene is no longer active. Law enforcement sources told ABC’s Bay Area affiliate that the suspect was “a white adult female wearing a dark top and a head scarf.” Authorities do not suspect terrorism, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Audio from the police dispatch played on KTVU said a female suspect is down and her gun recovered, but police are still looking for a male suspect – though earlier reports said there was only one shooter.

CNBC reported that the female shooter is said to be dead.