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Tyshawn Sorey won the “genius award” as a musician. And negro love sick lefties handed him 100,000 dollars. Puke me out. Let’s see what he sounds like. He apparently thinks banging on the piano with his fists is music. Ahh black geniuses. So lovely. I puked three times having to listen to this shit.

That’s PROFESSOR Sorey by the way, he has a masters degree. Frightening.

So this ham fisted elephant is TEACHING others (probably blacks?) how to ham fist on a piano. He knows nothing about CHORDS, playing a MELODY, and frankly an elephant in Thailand played better with his TRUNK than this turkey.  What a horrific miss.

Blacks often REPLICATE what whitey does. But don’t have the capacity to know what they are missing. There was a black man who got a sba business loan, put on a suit, and sat in an office all day every day. Two years later the money ran out. “What did you do with the money?” asked the SBA. “Do?” He dindunuffins! It’s the same with Sorey. He is only a genius in the mind of psychotic leftists. He should be physically barred from torturing a piano ever again in his lifetime.

Well he ain’t no piano genius that’s to be sure. Maybe his drumming is slightly better. Blacks are good with drums.  You be the judge of his latest composition, it sounds a bit repetitive to me!