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Ah Huber. The new attorney looking to see if there’s any merit to the charges looking into the hijinks of the Obama administration. Here’s a simple briefing for him:

Hillary Clinton put classified sensitive information on a non classified computer system, intentionally. When congress subpoenaed her for evidence, she destroyed 33,000 emails.

Now, if you can’t wrap your head around that being an utterly criminal act, you are a total moron.

Uranium One was another clearly criminal act. We have the testimony from the informant that clearly there was bribery going on. You have Hillary receiving 145 million dollars. And then the corruption of everyone who knew about that – Comey included – approving the deal.  Hillary should be charged for bribery. The officials who approved the deal … well the charge is less clear. Let’s just call them pond scum for now. They should be barred from ever holding public position ever again.

What about the messages at the FBI? Meh, you can’t prosecute opinions.

More serious is the testimony to the FISA court to get the level 1 surveillance against Page, another high crime. It is not direct lying to the court, so again, penalties are unclear. And they know that.

But the unmasking IS a crime. A serious one. One that goes all the way up to Obama. But they will only get him if they can get the little piggies to squeal.

The appointment of Huber is a step in the right direction, not perfect, but lets see what happens. Alas, midterms approach. Announcements need to be made before then. Or else.

Republicans have urged Justice to investigate putative wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation, as well as the 2010 sale of a Toronto-based uranium company with U.S. holdings to a Russian state-owned firm — a sale Trump has also repeatedly highlighted.

They have also demanded a probe into how the Obama Justice Department handled the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of State. Horowitz is expected to issue a report in his investigation into the matter as soon as April.

More recently, Republicans have pushed for a probe into allegations of surveillance abuse raised by a controversial memo authored by staff for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.).