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Well, the truth is all american women have become whores one way or another. If it isn’t charging fifty bucks for a hand job, it’s a million bucks in the divorce ten years later. Welcome to the unfair Gynocracy men, just go MGTOW. Yes a life without love or sex isn’t fun, but that’s what the women have delivered for the rest of us.

Sadly, prostitution would be the one thing to EASE the pressure on the strained #METOO social relationship between the sexes that is totally non functional now. With women riding the cock carousel well into their 30s and men pumping and dumping, marriage is a vestige of the past.  Just take a morning after pill.

In Europe, even the few nations that prohibit prostitution  still have easy access to it with a 40 buck flight. Even the Pope’s ITALY has legal prostitution! Not so in America, a trip to the bunny ranch can cost a thousand bucks. And its scary. In short America is the most backwards most sexually repressed nation on earth. Lord help us. We’ve eased MaryJuiana laws, isn’t it time to ease the prostitution laws as well?