They were kept as bargaining chips. The 2000 children of Syrian soldiers, seized and held in Douma by the revolutionary Army of ISIS. Some were eaten for meat. Kept in cages for three years, all the other rebel groups from Douma had surrendered and fled to Idlib. But the AIS refused knowing they had children hostages.

But 2000 child hostages became too many mouths to feed, house, shelter. So they gassed them with easy to obtain chlorine gas. Killing many of them.

So, Trumps proper response, would be to invade Douma and kick the butt of McCain’s funded Army of ISIS. Not to attack Assad.

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But sadly John McCain is screaming for world war III like a rabid psychotic. He gave these psychotic muslims millions of dollars in Aid and weapons. Now with Trump in charge, the group gets funding from Saudi Arabia.

Apparently it is written in the Koran that you should conquer your enemies put their children in cages and make the wives slaves. Personally I think they got the idea from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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I Smell Children! (chitty chitty bang bang movie)

All of this is a plot to stop Trump from withdrawing from the Syrian war.  Is he dumb enough to fall for it ?


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