Image result for syria warThe constant pressure of the Mueller probe is pushing Trump into WWIII with Russia.  All of the normal meetings and contact that Trump would have normally had by now with russia, he cannot have because of “collusion”

Rosenstein should be fired for NOT SPECIFYING a CRIME in the special consul appointment. Moreover, he has expended ad infinitum the scope of the probe.

And now we have Syria. A group of rebels douse their hostage children (not their own kids) with chlorine gas. And suddenly Asad is to blame. Don’t you believe it.

We have british, American and french warships powering towards syria. And Syria is full of Russian troops invited there by Asad. John McCain is apparently upset at the prospect of the AL-QUAEDA Muslims he supports being routed out. So he’s mounting a force to save them. And to re-arm them. And to re-give them billions of dollars. Why? Because he’s a total nutter. They will talk constantly as if Asad was behind the chemical attack on the news.

And in the middle of this Mueller has just horrifically stormed Trump’s personal attorney Cohen and seized all his computers and documents at 5am.

“The missiles are coming” says Trump. Jesus god what is he thinking? blast a city from afar with tomahawk missiles? What does that accomplish? Unless he blasts the rebels who gassed the children. err wait that’s our side.

Trump is on edge. He wanted to withdraw. His Generals said NO.  This is a final test of Trumps backbone, but sadly because of Mueller, he is going to lose.  I fear it could very well be the next vietnam war. Trump knows better, but his nerves are frazzled by Mueller. And that asshat Mueller may have very well destroyed the planet.