Even before Al-Quaeda is kicked totally out of Syria, the free for all war is begun. And that is why we are steaming ships towards it. The truth is Asad is weak and is not controlling as much of the territory as you would think. Pressured by American Bases on the Iraqi border, and a Turkish border base, the opposition Muslim armies who want a sharia state still control a lot of the territory. So while Al-Quaeda1 may be nearly defeated, Al-Quaeda2 and 3 are right in there.

So this is where the pressure to move in Syria is coming from. It has nothing at all to do with chemical weapons. Assad/Russia is perceived as weak. This is a grave mistake.

With US support, the “rebels/SLA” white hats continue to push and control territory on the edges of the nation.

One has to Ask, Why topple Syria. It is stable. Why not work with Asad on free elections as was the prior direction. Well, Syria is AXIS, aligned with IRAN. So you can’t go after IRAN until Syria is taken out. Who wants IRAN taken out so desperately? ISRAEL

So there you have it. The truth is it is AIPAC and ISRAEL flexing its control of the USA politicians to topple Syria. Its the deep state. The Warmongers and Wehrmacht. And it makes no sense for the USA whatsoever.

You must understand HOW AIPAC has such huge control over US politics. Because political donations are capped, it is harder for big organizations to put pressure, except as 3rd party organizations running ads and sending out flyers. But direct contributions are out (Unless you are Hillary Clinton). AIPACs secret is they use the vast network of Jewish individuals and Bnai Brith chapters to direct funding. So stop funding Isreal with 3B a year or stop fighting wars we don’t need, and POOF a million American Jews start pushing dollars into opposition candidates. American politicians learned they cannot with this fight.

However, all of this is illegal. To get tax exempt status, these organizations need to be apolitical. A proper response would be to investigate them and then revoke their tax free status. Make a few moves in this direction however, and they will have you removed. Game, Set, Match.

So we go to war with Syria Against Russia and possibly cinderize the Planet. Does Trump have any say in the matter at all? We can be sure that THIS THIS THIS is what John Bolton is salivating for hungering for testicular exploding for. He is creaming in his jeans at the thought of large troops in Syria. It is his dream. And all of us who said “UH OH” when he was appointed in the Trump Administration now get to say “We Told You So” as the world dies forever. Not much consolation.