Image result for Putin with trumpJohn Bolton neocon extraordinaire is probably sticking his happy tongue deep up John McCain’s crusty ass with visions of total world war with Russia over the false flag fake gassing attack in Douma.

So we are deep on the script. Send the ships in. Prepare the cruise missiles. UK is ready to go in. Let’s all attack Russia.

This is not what Trump should do. Instead, how about he flips the script? Get together with Russia and send in our special forces and liberate this cess pool of savages outside of Douma, free the children and female hostages and bring them home. US and Russia working together!

The world would clap and cheer and Trump would come out a hero. And John McCain would probably have a heart attack and be removed from our non psychotic world, scowling about death and destruction that never was.

That’s my message to Trump tonight. It’s just a thought. I hope he gets it.

If he does go down the road of total war, he will have utterly betrayed all his supporters AND all his campaign promises. Is there anything left of the Real trump? Anything at all?