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So trump launched the missiles. yay team. Now I posit, what if there is another “chemical weapons” attack on the poor rebels?

“We know it was an attack, there was videos of them taking showers with a hose, so that prove PROVES another chemical attack!”

So will Trump then launch 500 missiles? 1000? They took showers with a GARDEN HOSE for gods sake!

Of course the bigger question, now that garden hoses have been re-classified as a WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION will they be coming for OUR garden hoses here in the USA.

And what if the rebels LIKE showering with garden hoses. Maybe just maybe, they don’t have many showers left in all that rubble. So for them, a garden hose is pretty much a luxury? In that case, what we saw were ACTS OF KINDNESS – free showers for poor dingy soot covered kids forced to live in tunnels and dirt to escape the bombings.  Who are we to judge?

NO! This was an act of INFAMY. NEVER AGAIN. These Garden hoses of MASS DESTRUCTION must not be allowed in the civilized world. NEVER AGAIN! say the Jews and the Globalists.

Uhm yah. M’Kay!