Britain, France and the US tossed misses into Syria tonight. Targeting chemical manufacturing sites. He claimed he had PROOF of the attack, but that is top secret so it will never be shared.

Washington, Paris and London have nevertheless insisted that their own secret intelligence points to Assad’s guilt, and on Friday, a US spokeswoman said they had “proof.”

I don’t believe the deep state, I don’t believe the proof. It’s all a bit narf.  If they have a embedded eye witness, have them testify hiding their identity. But we need to see the proof.  If not, it just looks like Trump has been shanghai-ed. Fooled Twice into bombing Syria for things that were not what they seem.

Let’s be honest. Bolton is in. War is in. Kushner. The Intelligence Community is 100% against trump.  DID THEY PRODUCE FAKE INTELLIGENCE TO GET US INTO WAR. They did it for the Iraq war. They did it for the FIRST missile strike in Syria. Answer: YES THEY DID.

“Doing what is necessary to protect the American People” claimed Trump, yet the border wall is not being built.

Sad day. It is time to turn away from Donald Trump. Will he be impeached when democrats seize congress. Who cares. Nothing matters. Who cares. Nothing matters. Trump is now a fraud. A loser. Another fake. God it hurts.

The chemical investigation agency, the OCED arrives today. It is odd that they could not give them even one day to see what details they could uncover. This was a rush to judgement, and it is always a mistake.

The hardest part is our faith in Trump to stand against the deep state is now showing that he has betrayed his voting base, and this is going to bode very poorly in midterms. Unless there is a major win – building the wall, locking up hillary – it is likely Trump will lose the Republican majority in the Congress come november. And they are out for blood, so surely they will push impeachment (for … ? what?)

Russia will respond.

Troops are moving in, preparing for total war.  Russia says they intercepted 70% of the missiles. In the end, this may have been just a show stunt. Was much really damaged? Did we bomb Aspirin factories like Clinton?

How is Trump being manipulated?  The Mueller pressure is mounting. Trump is feeling helpless. That is the psychological game being played against him. And at the Center – Rod Rosenstein, the most sick dangerous man in the entire world.

I have a message for Donald Trump:

1) Fire Sessions and Rosenstein, Appoint Giuliani as acting AG

2) Arrest Hillary and NO BAIL. Just hold here while all the charges get listed out.

3) Instruct the Military, the REAL military to get on our border. Pull 50% of the troops guarding south korea and 50% of our troops guarding Europe and put them all on our US border.

4) Instruct the Military to look at the wall prototypes and design a DOUBLE WALL barrier with inner corridor road for monitoring. It has to be a double wall barrier.  No single wall barrier works.

Trump will do none of this. He is cucked. Compromised. Weak and tired. very sad.