German Sign Warns “When you see floating shit, do not swim”

MUSLIM mass sexual assaults like the kind we’ve heard about in Europe, have been brought into Canada by Justin Trudeau.

When one of Justin Trudeau’s Syrian Muslim refugees, a 39-year-old father of 6, Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, was charged with mulitple counts of sexual assault and sexual interference for molesting teenaged girls at the West Edmonton Mall waterpark, it only got minimal coverage from the Canadian media and no coverage at all by the American and European media. Canadians know precious little about African behaviour and those with africanized genes. Now they are learning he hard way. “They are just the same as us” cried out a liberal. “It is just skin color” Big piles of poop now float in the new swimming pool in the liberal town of Hamilton.  That is the new reality they have to adjust to and shut up or be called racist.

The  Syrian Muslim father who brought his large family to Canada just a few weeks ago was considered a model “refugee,” part of the leftist propaganda campaign to tell us how wonderful these folks are.

“Swimming with the poops is actually not so bad” said David Thornbrow, “You get used to it. As long as we are helping syrian refugees.” smiled the middle aged Canadian accountant.

Swimming pools across Europe now have posters and brochures telling Muslim migrants not to sexually assault women but apparently they are ignoring them because sexual assaults by Muslim men on young European women are soaring.

“We like the white girls Yeees” said a muslim at the swimming hall. “They are free for us to take that is our way. What can you do? Nothing. Nothing. We shit in the pools. What can you do?” said the African. He pauses. “NOTHING!!!” he screams waving his arms at us angrily.  Canada pays for the man’s entire family and six children to live for free in Canada. They are “saving refugees lives from war in Syria” except… they come from Pakistan and Somalia.

“WHAT CAN YOU DO!!! NOTHING” the Somalian screams again at our cameraman.

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In germany Migrants have already been banned from pools after numerous 9 year old girls were raped by blacks in their 20s (17 years old). The ban only lasted for SIX DAYS before the rapefugees got to go back and ass fuck seven year old girls. “It was a sexual emergency” said the rapefugees, we had to fuck the little boys and girls. The rapists got off scott free.