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“We don’t like living here. We don’t like the people” Said the Somalian, err Syrian Family of negroids. Little towns in Canada are now filled with these Somali, Nigerian, And Congolese “Syrians”.

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Not your typical Canadians…

“This was a racially motivated incident” said a neighbor. “Since they’ve been in the neighborhood I was reluctant to come forward, I don’t want to be called a racist”

“WE beat up the whiteys. Das why we are here. Dis is our property now” said a large black “yout” in his 30s.

“Why does the police think this is about race” demands the communist Faith Goldy youtuber. Clearly this is nothing but poor Syrians trying to make a better life for themselves by getting free welfare and being from the Congo and throwing bricks at young white children… er I mean happy refugees struggling for a better life. They dream of a better life in their new lands.