Image result for black cartoon racistHe came, he saw, he launched. Is Trump acting like a jingoist madman just one more act in a play that’s gone bad? Is it all just a show for Kim Jun Fat, no not the martial artist, the chubby waddling North Korean dictator potater. Well, maybe?

It’s a bit of a high cost to saber rattle against Russia. Personally I’m amazed Putin has not sunk my battleship.  IS it all just theater? Theater of the criminally insane? Maybe.

In the end, no one really knows what’s going on, just it’s hard to believe Trump could be so STUPID.  But maybe he is?

Enjoy life, it’s later than you think.

Have you guys heard about this high school student who was banging on the door of this elderly couples house in “rochester hills” at 7am? I think it was 7am they never say exactly what time this was. He was asking for directions to his high school. Uhm yah… right. That’s what I do when I’m lost, I go down a suburban street and bang on a house door. The grandma told him to go away and he refused and the husband grabbed his shotgun and shot off a warning round.

Well now thats white racism. And the actually charged the home owner. 50,000 bond.  And everyone is going how horrible how terrible that racist white man.

Yah? What if homie had five more homies hiding behind the bushes and as soon as that loving grandma let him in to get him his glass of water they stormed in and fucked her up the ass. Think it doesn’t happen? Hell yah it happens.

So the couple probably did the right thing. But we can’t as a society admit that its moral and justified to be afraid of all africans because most are violent raping horrors.  Oh thats raciss thats raciss. Yah well thats true thats true. deal with it. deal with the truth and stop hiding from it. Your odds of being attacked and ass raped and killed if you are an elderly grandma opening up her front door to a black “yout” at 11pm are probably 4 hundred billion times greater than if they were white people. deal with it. that’s the reality. It is not racist to state reality.

“Aw gee whiz I was just askin for directions!” says the 17 year old black. And Puzzy and Grissy and Shawntavious and Delinquitoid and the hood hiding behind the bushes what were they doing there? Oh he doesn’t tell you about them.

Knock on my door at 11pm or 7am or any time in between, you can bet your sweet ass my shotgun will be in one hand and the revolver in the other. Thats the new reality in ‘merica as they’ve grown the welfare queens and hood rats intentionally through their dysgenic systems that rewards 400 pound rotund black monsters who shop at the grocery store in go carts cause theys so fat they cant walk, and they take the handicapped parking, and they pay for it with the ebt cards flushed to 2000 a month cause they have 4 chillin from 4 babies dadies they never see. This is OUR GOVERNMENT POLICY TO CREATE THIS.  But don’t act scared when that negro knock comes to your door in the middle of the night, then YOUSE RACISSS!

Invite them in. And open your ass cheeks wide. Cause a lot of young black cock is gonna be rammin through you for hours to come, but at least, as a leftie liberal, you can get fucked and ass raped contentedly knowing you weren’t racist, aka you were a total dumbass ignorant of the reality of the world and walking around with a brain that does NOT FUNCTION and is incapable of basic discrimination and generalization from facts.

And what about these 2 black homies sitting at Starbucks without buying anything. They showed a picture of the interior. All white people WITH CUPS OF OVERPRICED JOE. Only the blacks were not buying. “DIS OUR FREE HOOD LIVIN ROOM”.  How the fuck do you grow up in America and not understand that you don’t get to frequent a business unless you buy something. OK maybe if you are polite they MIGHT let you use the restroom. Maybe they wont. But you certainly can’t camp out in their cushy sofas all day and get away with it. OH DAS RACISSS DAS RACISSS.  Police came and threw them out. And they looked like the most scary dangerous hood rats you’ve ever seen. Angry dark faces with evil eyes. Blech! I don’t want that in my starbucks! Not that i’d go to the starbucks their coffee sucks, but they do have (someplaces) fancy leather sofas.

Then you have the small town of Hamilton Canada and their delightful new black “Syrians” from Congo and Somalia and Pakistan are taking shits in their swimming pools and storming the girls changing rooms trying to grab some 13 year old pussy. Totally normal nothing to see folks says the government, they just need signs to remind them NOT TO SHIT IN THE POOLS. I’m not kidding folks, I’m not kidding.

Well thats the rant of the week. Leave your comments. Be sure to tell me I’m raciss and stupd. yehp. I’m still alive and I’m keeping it that way if I can help it.- PM