They just can’t understand why all their men are raping and killing seven and eight year old girls. “This is the age where customarily we marry them, according to Muhammed” said a Pakastani muslim who wished to remain nameless.

“We didn’t kill her, she just bled out after we used her” said Ramhik Muhammed, part of a Pakistani rape gang member that was caught.

As the Pakistanis claim to be “Syrian refugees” and only 15 years old, they get placed in US, Canadian, German, and British schools with the little girls they seek to rape. This has to stop.

KASUR, Pakistan – Child sexual abuse is rampant in this conservative Muslim nation, but it has rarely been addressed openly. Now, the brutal rape and murder of a 7-year-old girl this month is fueling demands for actions to punish predators.

The heinous crime against first-grader Zainab Ansari has triggered nationwide protests and proposed legislation to hold public executions for those convicted of raping children younger than 14.

This city was dubbed the “child abuse capital” of Pakistan after a 2015 scandal over the discovery of hundreds of video clips showing 285 children, mostly boys, being sexually abused. Authorities released the men implicated in the videos.

People attend a memorial in Karachi, Pakistan, on Jan.

“Zainab’s death has opened the debate on child abuse to Pakistan’s public, in media and social media, in a huge way,” said Nadia Jamil, an actress and philanthropist who is among high-profile Pakistanis speaking out since the girl’s body was found in a garbage dump on Jan. 5.

“It’s never been so transparent … before,” said Jamil. “It really has shaken the nation’s dormant empathy and conscience.”

“They have the negroid gene, it makes them unable to stop themselves from committing rape” said Professor Dimil Nakhani of Mumbai University.

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