transgender inmateAre you a 55 year old man who wants to be a girl? ITS EASY. Just shave off your eyebrows and draw in some ugly black lines, put your hair in pigtails, and POOF you are now “Transgender” aka “TRANS-Psycho”. Yes, you look so much like a woman you psychological smorgasboard.

If you are a transsexual then yes, plan out your transition, get image consultation, face surgery,  gender assignment surgery, and live as a female. But this new RAGE of letting the psychos in and they just declare themselves the nonsense word “TRANSGENDER” and put their hair in pigtails NO! NO! That does NOT MAKE YOU FEMALE! THATS GROSS! ICK. PUKE ME OUT! YOu people look NUTS.

OK if it’s your first year of transition you might look a little rough. Fine. But get your plan in gear, get your facial feminization surgery, your beard removed, maybe a facelift and laser skin resurfacing, and you know what, you will probably have a good shot at life not as a freak.

But sadly, these gross old men are mentally ill so much so they cannot fathom they look like total monsters to the outside world. “You have to accept us or its a hate crime”. Uhm no. If you look absolutely ridiculous then you look absolutely ridiculous. WHY do you think shaving off your eyebrows and drawing in a black line IS THE SECRET TO WOMANHOOD! ARE YOU INSANE!

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Finally, if you were REALLY trans, you would have transitioned in your teens or twenties. Maybe your 30s. WHAT on EARTH are you thinking pulling a Caitlyn Jenner and transitioning in your old age when estrogen does little to NOTHING.  Do you even still have hair on your head? Were you a total coward your whole life? A sniveling loser coward that you didn’t deal with your trans issues until septegenarianhood? WTF! Ridiculous. Utterly Ridiculous.

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Millions of people transition their genders successfully and live solid lives. These old men just hurt them by pushing the “trans as freak” media story that the media loves to cover. We covered the “secrets of woman” tv show where a old man went to thailand, got a vagina installed and came back and exclaimed “Now I’m a woman” NO YOU ARE NOT! It’s NOT a vagina! And a pukey man face on a vagina is still a pukey man face.

These people are out of their minds. They need serious help. Please someone tell them the truth.

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new policy that will house male transgender criminals in jails that align with the gender they claim to be. That means violent male criminals will now be housed with vulnerable women in NYC jails.

All a male criminal has to say be be housed with women is he has a “female gender identity.”

The mayor’s office released a statement saying the safety of the men takes priority over women’s safety.