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I’ve been trying to figure out the last jedi. It fails on so many levels. But one reason it fails big time is NORMALLY the hero does everything to rescue the Princess. So Ray goes through all this crap, but then uses the force all to rescue Finn. But .. .well… the world isn’t quite ready for a black on white sex romp jedi so .. .they are just friends. That is made all the more so clear by his love interest with chubby asian chic. Who is butt ugly.


So in the end of star wars, Luke has saved the princess and everyone celebrates. same for return of the jedi. But everything is so moddled because Finn is black. They can’t really kiss.  So … just friends.  And then Kylo who SHOULD be the tough male antagonist is a wimped out emo. So that really would be gross to see them together. Pouffy hair on a villian? Are you kidding? It’s why the kylo shirtless scene is so gross. Kylo is a pouffer, an angst dandy. Not really a love interest. “Join me” he begs. “No, you’re just a thirsty cuck” she replies. and storms off.

So there’s nothing to cheer for. Leia and Luke don’t reunite in the end and celebrate, no doubt she is too busy learning to force fly in space. Han is dead. Chewie ate some good porg, that’s about the happy point of the movie. there was a deleted scene of the penis people’s wedding where R2D2 had christmas lights and chewie was getting drunk, hell if my best friend was Han I’d spend a lot more time drunk after his son killed him. And that’s why Kylo can never be redeemed. Because he killed his father. There’s no coming back from that.

The last horror. No more. Please no more SJW movies. At least Kylo Ren is kinda cute