Poland has been struggling with decreasing population for decades and now as part of the EU the young worker exodus has been going on for many years. But when you dive into the details you can see how with just slight changes there is hope.

Even with pitiful fertility rates of 1.35 they have at least nearly matched their birth death rate. So while long term it is a population collapse, short term things are balanced. So it means that the effects of low fertility rates will be felt more aggressively in years to come but not so apparent right now. The same is happening in the US, except it is replacing its native high productive tax payers with low IQ savage violent trouble makers who are tax drains on the system (read A Plan for Trump – fighting dysgenic policies in America)

So I have some basic questions. When young people graduate college, are there just dozens and dozens of empty apartments available for them to move into? Because as all those older people die off, presumably real estate should get dirt cheap.  Are the highways free of traffic? Is it easy for them to get jobs because there are so few workers or does the whole  economic system wind down with ever fewer jobs existing? What is the gestalt nature of a dwindling population.

Polish are fierce nationalists having been tromped over so many times. Let’s hope the message of having children starts to take hold and more importantly, the government policy advantages for doing so need to be huge.