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Step One: STOP.  Don’t be aggressive and wait for another black to hit you from behind. During this time you may hear things like “You gotta problem white boy” or “Whats you got bitch” and many blacks dancing around you. The longer this goes on more blacks will appear.  Blacks WILL NOT STRIKE as long as its one on one so don’t be afraid until at least three or four blacks appear.

Step Two: DROP.  Fall to the ground as your legs give out from the blow to the back of your head or from being pushed from behind.

Step Three : Get Rolled.  Place your hands over your face and curl into a ball. it’s called the “fetal” position

Try not to scream for your momma as dozens of blacks emerge from the wood work and kick you all over screaming “Die Honkie” “Take it you Crackeer”

Step Four: A few months in the hospital with a balloon face and a broken jaw and soon you will find you are good to go! Right as rain as the brits say

Now go out there and do it again! Just everyday life in cucked out America and Britain.

Step Five: Legal Action – FORGET IT the judges just let them go. But if you ever raise a hand to a black you will face 20 years in ass raping prisons filled with blacks. Don’t fight back! This is all designed to keep whites enslaved and crooks in power!

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