Wendy Osefo is a Niger who got her PhD from Rutgers  Public Affairs-Community Development , a horrific non-subject – and by basically quacking about low income blacks and education. But she is so dumb she doesn’t even know what a thesis is.

Her thesis is a pile of poo.

Rather than be an actual thesis, it is just a “study” an “examination” and an “exploration”

this study focuses on examining the ideas of Epstein to determine if they are valid in the case of an urban charter school serving low-income families. This qualitative study explores how low income parents engage in the academic lives of their children, examines how the economic and social implications of traditional typologies of parental engagement affect engagement levels of low-income parents in public charter schools, and details innovative strategies used by a charter school to garner high levels of engagement from its lowincome parent population.

She quotes inane statistics that “Blacks are 20% more likely than whites to be stopped by police” yah well maybe if they weren’t carrying balls of crack and heroin, robbing and raping people, and stealing cars, they wouldn’t get stopped as much?

In fact, Blacks commit murders 30.9 times as often as white people do, and black on white rapes were 37,000 for one of the reported DOJ years, while white on black rapes were listed as ZERO.

“Blacks only make up 13% of the population (correction 14% now! welfare queens breeding like rabbits) but they are 30% of the people killed by cops”

Hmm. Maybe the darkies should not have been shooting GUNS at cops so much that the cops (who aim much better) bust a cap in their niggardly asses!

Let’s inject some reality to Miss Dumb-aho from the NYPD crime statistics, 2014. Remember that 50% of the criminals they classify as white are “hispanic” not white, so double the graphs you see for blacks. So blacks are THIRTY TIMES more likely to be arrested for MURDER. And nearly 100 TIMES more likely to be arrested for Shooting than white people. (remember, that’s really 200 times more likely, kick the hispanics out of the white box please!).

Image result for color of crime

No, room level IQ free ride in college cause negroid Osefo can barely speak, is utterly incapable of analysis or facts, and granting her a PhD when she doesn’t even know what a thesis statement IS is beyond ridiculous. But she gets it anyways. Because black. Because Niger.

:”I can’s speak UPPITY and Barely Pronumce Muh Words Cause of RACISM”: what a joke.

Now she teaches “education” at Johns Hopkins. How can someone who can’t speak, can’t reason, and is dumb as a stump be a professor? Shocking. Well she can teach white kids about how racist they are I guess.

I tried to find a conclusion in her thesis. This was the closest I could find:

Research question one. Research question one centered on finding what ways
low-income parents engage in the academic lives of their children within the school and the home environments in Camden, New Jersey. The findings of the study showed that low-income parents engage in the lives of their children in diverse ways

I think  a sixth grader could write better. Also, where are the footnotes? Oh THERE ARE NONE. NOTHING is cited. NOTHING. Can you fucking imagine? Well its a good thesis if you are an ape or orangutan, hardly passes for what a human should be doing.

She is basically a pile of anti-white racism and hatred. And that’s all she does as far as I can tell. She spews statistics she doesn’t think about, can’t understand the WHY, and says her people are oppressed.

Let me explain it to you WENDY DUMB ASS. Nigroids are killed more often by cops because they are MORE OFTEN violent criminals and criminals who attack police. They more often DO NOT LISTEN TO POLICE and MORE OFTEN COMMIT FELONIES.

No that’s not the negro message. Its racism RAH_CIS-ISM!!! Yah.  Piss off.



  • Osefo claims to be “Nigerian-American” but no birthplace is listed on any of her biographies. Was she really born in Nigeria?