I’m going to do a VLOG on this topic – What Is Racism – but I wanted to share some thoughts here.

Let’s say you are a child. And you go to the zoo. There is a petting zoo with bunny rabbits. They are soft and fluffy. There are no warnings and no one is anxious. They lift one up and you pet it. It seems rather nice. Sure it MIGHT bite you. It has teeth. But all signs say THIS IS SAFE.

Then you come to the LIONS cage. BIG STEEL BARS. WARNING SIGNS EVERYWHERE. You don’t ever actually touch the lion. But you watch how it struts powerfully back and forth, roaring. You see how dangerous it looks. And quickly you learn, this is NOT an animal to mess with.

Now many years later you are in the forest. A group of bunnies come by. You stop and pet them with no fear.  Then you hear from the distance the roar of the LION. Do you feel fear? Of course! It has been instilled IN YOU from a early age – DANGER.

This DANGER instinct, is what the brain does. It is a quality perception. We also make a violence perception. An IQ perception. And when we do such things across races they are called STEREOTYPES and RACISM. But are they really wrong? We know they are not always right. But don’t they work MOST OF THE TIME?

If we used our modern day logic against the lion, we might go “OH that lion, he’s dangerous LOOKING but let’s not be racist. Let’s go over and say hi and greet him happily”  In fact this is exactly what the leftists do, often women who get raped in refugee camps or on the streets after extolling the virtues of negroid peoples.

At my local grocery store, I’m often SHOCKED how nice and good the many black people seem. So much better than my experience in the broken dark north eastern cities of blacks. They are having basic middle class lives. They aren’t the thugee class. So I don’t respond with RACISM and FEAR to them, I can see how their faces respond and smile and their actions and responses all fit a brain STEREOTYPE that says things should be ok. I still recognize they are black, and am extra cautious as I may have misread things. This is cognitive discrimination. This is WHAT THE BRAIN DOES. And the big secret? Blacks do it TOO! So do Asians (they have even MORE ridiculous stereotypes of blacks than Europanics do!). Because if you look at the K-R types, asians and blacks are most dissimilar. People say Asians are the highest IQ but I think if you look at the % numbers of those above 120 IQ Europanics have more and asians are more center clustered, like women are. It’s only we have some quite dim Europanic people as well.

Now back to the topic at hand. What is RACISM and are we being BAD when we make cognitive stereotypes to judge our world? Well we sort of HAVE TO to process the world. The thing is, we are intelligent about it. When it’s 3am and I am down town, and six blacks who are dressed poorly, walking with a ghetto strut, and swearing a lot, dressed in hoodies. Those are some of the OTHER CRITERIA I use to evaluate them, just as, when a black is moderately dressed, and sitting at a piano and playing beautifully, even if they are from the darkest drenches of the hood, I judge them differently. The point is, skin color is NOT the total basis for our evaluation.

I often look to my black HEROS. Thomas Sowell. Nina Simone. To remind me, this is not a sentence on the entire RACE. But it is not as simple as there is good and bad in every race as lefties would say. Lefties also make the ridiculous argument that high black violence and stupidity is mainly due to socio-economic issues which would be instantly corrected were they raised in a upscale household. This has been refuted in study after study. When poor black kids WERE raised in an upper crust household, they still had much higher rates of criminality and violence than whites. Dramatically so. The study declared that it was because RACISM WAS SO PERVASIVE. I don’t buy it. That’s patently ridiculous. The simple answer is – genetics, fueled by a social anti-societal destructive attitude which consists of several negativisms – anti-white, anti-society, and feeling like victims.

The reality is, if blacks simply BREATHE they get huge rewards heaped on them by the insane leftie guilt society – free scholarships to schools they never really should have gotten into based on their grades and test scores PLUS money to live on while in college. Contrast that to my experience of literally starving my way through school with one pair of sweatpants with holes in them because I had no money even though I worked until 4am each night. No the experience of university for poor Europanics and poor Blacks is utterly different, and hence we get a room temperature IQ Michelle Obama going to Princeton, which even she admits she was surprised she got into. But she did because as a basic non-thugee black she was rare and in high demand.

So now we beg the question, how MUCH of the black race is filled with these bad qualities and are we racist and what to do about it. Hmm difficult difficult. We do know a few things. That blacks acting unruly in school appears to happen from even the youngest ages. And sadly, teachers simply let them throw tantrums and do nothing. I know that doesn’t happen as much in Texas. In Texas the principal has a big wooden paddle and yes some schools still use them parents be damned, but that is changing. For now its enough of a credible threat that all but the worst keep in line, but it’s mainly in the suburban schools where they can maintain law and order, in the inner cities the schools are so negrofied non-white that there is simply nothing that can be done.

So it seems also that once black testosterone kicks into males, a great many of them become frightfully violent and even must drop out of school at age 15 or 16. These statistics are HIDDEN from view as they try to cover this up.

The black phenotype has its strong and weak points. High IQ is quite rare to the point of near non-existence, but it does happen. But the average – 70 in AFrica, and 85 in white admixture blacks in the USA – is technically retardation level.  Simpletons we used to call them. And the number that can’t read at all or do basic algebra… I’m sure the numbers are frighteningly high.  50% 80% ? There’s no knowing.  My mind flashes back to the BlACK DEBATE TEAM WINNERS. We give them BIG TROPHIES for speaking like elmer fud and saying niggers “neccary means of the body uh uh the niggar of the body uh uh that he envisions himself uh uh ubade uh uh uh the the uh uh”

This doesn’t qualify as intelligent speech. And the fawning white leftie proclaiming this as intelligence is vomit spewing.  This very low standard for brain retarded people who cannot speak becoming winners in a national competition for uttering gibberish forms part of our black stereotype that outsiders call RACISM. But are we not correct that this is pathetic gibberish not eloquence? Porky Pig retard speech is not worthy of a reward. But if you dig deeper, you see their black competitors are even WORSE, one raving on about spear chucking or something that had nothing at all to do with the topic. Europancs wave them through and give them big trophies. And this LEFTIST program of awarding horrific small brainhood and the dim is WHY they get uppity later on. “I deserve all the highest rewards of society do they not see my big award trophies?” if they don’t get it they get angry.


Sadly, many DO GET make work for blacks jobs. Again Michelle Obama got a 350,000 a year paying “diversity coordinator” job for a health organization when fresh out of school. I never got such salaries as a 160IQ engineer, not even half that. I guess being born Europanic you are just expected to work 80 hour weeks for low pay even though you are brilliant.

So how can you LOOK at these debate winners and not be “RACIST” in thinking blacks are utter imbeciles if this was the winner? Granted I doubt that blacks from Harvard and Princeton were in the competition and I assume they would at least achieve room temperature IQ level debate and patterns of language not the cartoon Porky Pig speak. But perhaps not.

The problem is, our brain uses the information it has AT HAND.  So we look at all the axis of criteria and evaluation and go OK how do these seem to cluster.  Now if we are smart, we might look at some other “TELLS” that allow us to discriminate without damning an entire race. For example, black women who wear their natural afros HUGELY as the woman sitting on the right does, is generally a sign of being UPPITY and aggressive.  And hugely inconsiderate. There were cases of black women wearing their hair TWO FEET above their heads, blocking view in classrooms and movie theaters alike, and THEY KNOW no one can say anything BECAUSE they pull out the racism card, so that HAIR is them shoving in OUR FACE their POWER in our CUCKED SOCIETY.  YES, we can read these additional clues. and these clues change as they are societal. In the 1960s again it was big afros, but on men as well.

Hoodies are linked to crime simply because they obscure the face. Even whites who obscure their faces tend to be linked to criminal action – aka Antifa.  Because well simply they don’t want cameras to identify them.  So even a group of upper class blacks dressed in hoodies is a TELL a warning. But in their case, they are simply trying to seem tough it’s doubtful they actually are.

Image result for around blacks never relaxImage result for around blacks never relax

Image result for antifa hoodie cartoon
Examples of “Racist” Cartoons

So if it’s WRONG to discriminate with the full faculties and powers used by our brains, one has to ask WHY?  We are perceptive ENOUGH that when a Thomas Sowell comes in to interview, well spoken, well dressed, well mannered, we can tell in ten seconds this is the kind of person we want in our company.  And when the woman who speaks like Elmer Fudd with a huge afro, dressed in baggy clothes, unkempt and disheveled, and who seems irritated by the tiniest things comes in, well we have to hire them lest we be racists. NO! that’s nonsense.

This insane pushing by the insanity of the LEFTIES is utterly wrong. We are using our brain to discriminate as it is DESIGNED to do and we correct for errors.  And recognizing the higher levels of aggression and violence in blacks is something that will happen until the genome phenotype expression changes. Truth is not wrong and Truth is not evil.  What if we get it wrong? Well we constantly make judgements at all kinds of micro levels to form a unified view. WE cannot say well this kind of discrimination is correct and this kind of discrimination is wrong.

What if we said that being aware of TEMPERATURE was wrong. The weatherman forecast would be “IT’s going to be … another day with a chance of rain” But what’s the temperature? Oh no temperature is RACIST we can’t talk about it. That’s madness. Yet that’s precisely the LEFTIST argument.

Another thing that sticks in my maw is this ridiculous notion that is pandered over and over again that race is “only skin deep” or “only skin color” it most certainly IS NOT.  Neither is it eye shape. IT is a full genetic package effecting EVERYTHING.  Blacks for example, have a more orthogonal lift to their penis when erect better fitting a copulation from behind whereas Europanics have a more vertical erection for face to face copulation.  This makes sense as Europanic pair bonding is very strong, so KNOWING your partner (not raping them) is an essential part of Europanic bonding.  Europanics have higher skills in planning, which were required for their long winter survival, whereas many African tribes have few words for exact measures or time intervals. Europanics invest in their children, and Africans have many children but care for them less. Hence the distinctly huge numbers of bastard children on welfare in blacks in America, and that needs to be reformed, but we can’t reform it because to mention it is RACIST! NO it is to recognize REALITY, TRUTH, what is REALLY HAPPENING.

RACISM implies an error in judgement. Which is why when they apply it to what is RACIAL REALITY it is utterly an incorrect use by the left. Tell a black person that their racial average IQ in the USA is only 85 (borderline retardation) and they will IMMEDIATELY say THATS RACIST. But they are wrong, because RACISM as a linguistic term signifies error. And there is no error.

There should have been an apostrophe after the T in “THATS” in the prior sentence. That is an error. Saying black IQ is lower than Europanics and their aggression and violence rates are twentyfold higher is not racism, because there is no error in that statement.

Basically what is happening, is leftists and blacks are so retarded that they do not know the meaning of the word RACISM and use it incorrectly. And yet, we bow before the word and whole lives and futures are destroyed as if we were labeled PEDOPHILE or something similar. Ridiculous. Utterly Ridiculous. There should NOT be an apology, the correct response to being called racist is to ask “Excuse me, what is my error, you are saying I am committing an ERROR what is it? I DEMAND TO KNOW” (or STFU!)

We need to learn the proper use and response to this word. And we most certainly need to stop empowering its LEFTIST use against us. RIDICULOUS. Time to end it.