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Plyer vs. Doe. Free Edumacation for illegal alien invaders.  LBJ’s welfare programs. Now our schools are run by dumb fat stupid sasquatch like horrors who bark and scream at kids, blow whistles and scream “GO GO GO” over and over for hours? Why? Because now its a dumbed down negro-fied education for low IQ slaves, not a learning education.

Things were always BAD since the 1960s. Now they are WORSE. In the suburbs there is a minor semblance of control with a 15% negro and 15% hispanic population.  But in the cities = hholy shit. Not one of the students from FIVE baltimore schools could pass reading or math tests. They were all blacks. Read it here

Teachers have nothing to say and nothing to teach unless you are quite dim witted. Everything is dumbed down to teach the stupid because trying to teach the dumb kids the average curriculum is madness.  And what about the smart kids. They are thrown away until the AP courses kick in. The only reason AP courses exist is to prevent them from bailing from high school and going directly to community college where they might learn something.

To support these new generation of dumb as stumps a whole new college industry for low dim witted kids has sprouted up, giving them the high school level education they never had.

and they get uppity. Oh do they get uppity. With no discipline in the schools whatsoever for the negroid chillin, the tantrums get bigger and louder until finally the cops have to be called.

The only thing you can do is leave the system. Which is illegal in many states. Worse they force injections on school children without the parents permission in states like California.

Now for the negroid males, acostoming them to prison is probably useful for their later life destination which about half of them will encounter.  For the rest, it just produces a leftist mindset a slave mentality. and a gimme mentality. A mind hopelessly twisted incapable of logic and reason. Things were bad in the 80s, horrific in the 90s, beyond zombie in the Aughts, and now today… its absolute horrorshow.

Our new children know nothing and are capable of nothing and the welfare and disability states take them in with open arms. And the negroids and hispanics know how to play the system and when they show up at social services they get served up on a platter. But when a europanic walks in, they clam up.  Go starve is basically their attitude, don’t you know your supposed to pay the taxes that pay our salaries and feed the brown people? Get to work in your death hell job for 50 years. GET TO WORK!

America is a lost nation in so many ways  and until we admit the truth of what has happened to our education system there is no saving the nation as dumb hoarde after another gets churned out like Pink Floyd’s hamburger mill.

So what to do? We need to set up a simple school breakdown system in each system. It goes like this:

E Schools: For the prison bound violent hopeless cases. Holding pens with maximum security and big fat security officers, metal detectors, and maybe a few classes in how to serve burgers

D Schools: For the crimanly stupid. Mostly brown children. Those that can’t be taught.  Focus on the basics – how to read simple signs, how not to kill others or yourself. These are the future welfare cases. and also this is the better place to be if you are an E schooler trying to better oneself. Prove yourself here, and you might get promoted to a C school.

C Schools: yes I do mean PHYSICALLY separated buildings. The kids do NOT mingle with others. These are for the room temperature IQs who are not violent. Focus on basic learning. Simple math, geography, history, shop classes, and home economics. How to care for the infants they surely will be having by age 16.  Not college bound in any sane world, but many will go to college NONTHELESS and be unable to pay off their student loans as baristas and walmart cashiers. And they will be bitter.

B Schools: What Americans USED to be, now a small minority of suburban whites and asians, and a very small handful of blacks. This now requires an entrance exam, not just behaviour.  this is the standard college prep classes that are now being supposedly taught to the dumb kids.  These are the annoying bureaucrats and bean counters of the future, the government workers, the office slags who do little. The nurses.  The computer sales people.

A Schools: This is the small minority.  While a B school has FOUR TIMES the children as an A school, the budgets are the same. All teachers MUST have a masters degree AND have  worked in their profession for at least 5 years in the real world. Biologists must have been biologists. Chemists must have done chemistry.  Every class after 10th grade is college level AP style. Children do not have to go to “gym” instead can try out pakor jumping, tennis, ping pong, and other gentlemanly sports. No barking gym dofus ex military either.

Let’s now take a typical district breakdown. Of 1000 students:

F: 250

E: 250

C: 300

B: 150

A: 50

Now it is important that all children from E to A should be tested routinely and also there should be entrance tests for the B and A schools. Kids should move ranks as they develop if their outlook changes. All except the F children. Once violent and lost, there really is no redemption later.  How would you ever know? It would be difficult to recognize a reformed child surrounded by thugs. Maybe some testing of this could occur to see if they ever do better but doubtful. Prison and the ghetto is their fate, and gangs and drug dealing. Why do we fight it by destroying entire schools. Roving packs of these types tend to suck in more and more kids like a tornado with the outliers simply joining out of self preservation.

Authority of the TEACHERS. Every teacher should have a ruler. And a hard crack on the hand of any child who misbehaves should be their trump card. And if that is not enough, there is the principals office who has a thick wooden paddle to beat some sense into them. Of course, in the B and A schools this isn’t required, acting out simply gets you tossed down to C level or lower. And at the F level, holding cells will probably be required as no amount of physical discipline will get through to them. Also, F schools should dismiss their children at 16. Good luck, we’ve done what we can. Now get on with your thuggin. Hopefully you’ll make it to 18 or 20 before we have to pay for your prison cell.

That  is a sad statement of where we are but that is our GENETIC pool that our immigration and welfare policies have BRED. Our dysgenic policies REWARD being stupid and violent and PUNISH being smart and working hard. Hence the hard working people have to work RIDICULOUSLY hard and can’t afford children.  They get outbred by the welfare queens and hisapanics who don’t declare their marriages jose goes and builds houses while moma gets welfare and disability for all their chillin.

America is on a path to utter death. Our educational schools are just prison systems. And unless we start recognizing this and making these kinds of changes all is lost.