Image result for lefties welcome invadersWhile the odds of getting into the U.S. might be long, there are some American who say they’d welcome the migrants into their homes.


The blow-up mattress draped with a teal-colored quilt takes up nearly half the guestroom in a 1940s-era apartment in University Heights. The 36-year-old and her husband   still needed to empty out a chest of drawers. A wooden desk cramped against the wall would likely need to go.


The idea of opening up their two-bedroom, one-bath apartment to a stranger just made sense to the couple — both 36 years old.


“It seemed like a no-brainer,” she said.


“It’s a humanitarian issue,” he quipped.


It’s also political. The couple and others like them are taking a stand at a time when the nation seems starkly divided on who should be allowed to reside in United States and what it means to be American.

Minutes later there was a knock on the door – IT’s MUZZAH! – the 45 year old muslim woman and her EIGHT children!

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“We were a bit surprised there were so many, we said we would only take one!” “But that’s OK” said the wife exhausted.

Immediately the refrigerator was opened and all the food eaten ravenously.

“NO you don’t shit on the floor, that’s what the toilet … err the white pot is for” said the wife frantic. “This is flush… FLUSHING … FLUSH-ING” said the wife repeating it so they would understand. “Flushing” the children replied.

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“Honey, why are their chickens in our closet?”  “Oh thats bobo and chibo. They make eggs” said the child smiling. “Oh eggs you say? How gosh!” said the dad.

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But the last straw came last week when the couple came home and found MUZZAH and two strange bearded men naked in their bed!

“What, What is this!”

“Join US and worship in Allah!” said the naked man covered only with his beard!

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Six months later the husband has moved out.  The wife now practices a “open” marriage and the second bedroom has been converted to an ashram.

“They have enriched my life” said the white woman cuddling the eight black children. And rumor is MUZZAH is pregnant again!”

“But who is the father?” said the oldest child

<<everyone laughs>>

“I have more good news” said the wife

“What is that?” asked our reporter

“Muzzah isn’t the only one who’s pregnant!” said the wife smiling.  Three black muslim men with long beards all burst out laughing.

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