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So recently a black woman smeared a confederate statue with her blood.  Blacks are “victims” and demand special treatment because they were slaves. But they weren’t slaves. Not even close. Their parents weren’t slaves and their grandparents weren’t slaves.

Jews demand holocaust memorials be built with taxpayer money and huge monuments to an event that never happened get constructed all over the world. They demand billions from Germany for reparations but they never address their involvement in all the destructive things that went on in Germany that led to their expulsion. But few to any Jews alive today were even German prisoners. They would be 90 years old.

As an Italian American, I do not demand reparations from the US government for the rape of Montecito. I do not demand reparations from Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia for their coastal raids and enslavement of many millions of Italians. Many times greater than the numbers of Africans taken to American as slaves.  Why the difference? Because I can stand on my own accomplishments and contribution as my identity. But many of the ghetto blacks with fake university degrees in ebonics can produce nothing. So they adopt communist victim culture. And they get uppity. Oh boy do they get uppity. More uppity than a Jew who you try to argue logically with that the holocaust never happened using scientific evidence.

I was watching CNN’s April Ryan asking Sarah Sanders Huckabee a question. Not only is she vapid and frightening looking, why is she wearing MAN GLASSES ? I’ve noticed that this trend of women wearing MAN GLASSES is really quite odd. They are clearly marked in all optometry shops. So it’s intentional? Pay attention and be on the lookout, it’s now EVERYWHERE!


I was listening to some radio show talking about Kanye apparently a black who is famous for stealing popular songs and barking on top of them, and sleeping with a trashy porn star, anyways a friend of his said Trump was bad because “he did so many bad things”

This NONSPECIFIC SPEAK is the hallmark of the communist left. They will never cite SPECIFIC ACTIONS. They speek in “feels” they squak in accusations. Like the red brigades in China that would put a placard on some professors neck and scream at him to confess his crimes.

Essentially it’s the dumb vs. the intelligent.


Here is some classic Kanye – his song STRONGER – if you weren’t familiar with it:

Bow in the presence of greatness
‘Cause right now thou hast forsaken us
You should be honored by my lateness
That I would even show up to this fake shit
So go ahead, go nuts, go apeshit

Notice he rhymes SHIT with SHIT, the perfect rhyme. Please give this genius more millions. But at least he tells us the truth. This is some SERIOUS fake shit so bad that it IS surprising Kanye can bear to show up for it. But they keep going apeshit over it so he keeps doing it!

Apparently this new kind of GIBBERISH SPEEK is acceptable at national debates

“Heba deb weba uh uh saya uba dumba uh uh that no niggher he be nigger uh uh dube dede deba weba uh uh uh uh nigah uh uh that is the niggah uba duba dub dub” – black debate champion.

I have to say I do grow found of the black man throwing the spear screaming CLANKG CLANKG “I be havin dreams of chocolate watermelon” it is very origional. But I doubt it would survive long on store shelves. We can’t build a society on people who speak gibberish and have no ability at rational thought. Do they really think this is what a debate is ? What the hell are any of them saying? Just nod and smile, the white man’s job. And keep the welfare checks flowing. Because if you are poor and dumb you deserve EXACTLY the same middle class life as those who work 90 hours a week.

There is also PREECHY SPEECH which is a long endless sentence without punctuation that is often used by a social justice RIGHTS enforcer to intimidate white children in college and high school.

Again, long tirades without stopping and without FACTS. This is NONSCIENCE and NONSENSE.

“Excuse me, you seem to be speaking without facts or punctuation and I find that damn annoying can you please refrain from unintelligent speech in my presence”

Of course, he’d be thrown out of the room. But god wouldn’t it be worth it?


No, it’s not really for me. Can’t quite feel right. I prefer HUMAN speech not guttering like an animal.

We need to counter these blood on statue wiping piles of discarded glasses supposed to be gas chamber victim proof nonsensicons. And con artists they are.

Well the statues must be attacked. Because well… remembering famous people is too painful for weak coward yellow belly heba deba uh uh duba dubas.

There was a recent BBC documentary on R Kelly. They never told me what the R stood for but he made a terrible noise. Apparently it’s called RAP music. Music for the singing disabled I’d say. What was frightening is there was some music played with some “juicy beats” and then he would just talk over it. But the blacks responded like it was Beethoven’s fifth. With so much missing in their brains, perhaps that is their symphony? Blacks weren’t always musically challenged, Duke Ellington can attest to that. Or Count Basie. Herbie Hancock can certainly play piano. So what’s with the jungle junk. It’s as if we say OK you suck as a musician, just scream a lot and we will clap for you. I’m not buying it. I think a lot of blacks like it just because it annoys whites, kinda like your teen child discovering Alice Donut and playing it at high volume.  It’s that same as those uppity black women with two foot tall hair.  Quite fun at Infinity War showings in theaters. But you can’t say anything about it. And that’s why they get their JOLLIES out of it! Becaus if you do… THEY WILL GET UPPITY. UPPITY!