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Indian Software Engineer Patil SriKani uses a donkey to haul dung

As more and more Indians swarm into America using the H-1B visa (over 4 million so far! 350,000 each year, and 125,000 wives!) the small pool of 4 million software engineering positions has been utterly devastated by desi curry dens and low IQ Indians with fake degrees. But now there is a bit more scrutiny on all those paper thin degrees from India so a new strategy has emerged – skip the fake degree all together and start your education AT MASTERS LEVEL IN AMERICA.

Many of the second tier schools just want the dollars so the wealthier Indians who speak basic english get a degree in a easy course of study called Masters in Information Science. Which is vastly different from a Masters degree in Computer Science which is actually rigorous. “OH you have a masters degree in computing” says the company with the job, must be good.

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Pradesh University graduates more than 50,000 software engineers each month

And once obtained they get to use the F-1 visa to get work and then get to use the 20,000 priority H-1B visas for those with masters degrees. It’s all a brilliant sham, except… they never bothered with the bachelors and spent 4-5 years and $200,000 like the American had to. Nope. When your morality is paper thin so is your degree, printed in a  back room of a curry restaurant.

This scam has been going on for decades by thousands of Indians who want out of the overcrowded shit in the streets hot and sweltering India.

We have to ask the basic question, why has America, for over 20 years, been fucking over its Citizen Engineers so hard and so massively how can they possibly not care? Answer – Microsoft and Facebook and Oracle founders big fat government campaign donation checks. They get cart blanche to be utterly immoral.

“I have my masters, I am just as smart as the American. YESSSS”

Don’t you believe it!!!

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“We take their jobs because Americans are too stupid!” says software engineer Ramesh from Delhi