Iran has gone off the rails. It’s a good people in a nation enslaved by radical Islam-ism. And this is precisely the danger of such revolutions, once in, there’s no getting out.

And IRan is a fairly wealthy nation. Modern in many respects. There is simply no incentive to play ball with the west. The Russian/Iran/Syrian alliance is strong.

So was Trump right or wrong to pull out of the Iran Nuclear deal? He was right.

The very sick stupid part of John Kerry’s deal was to front load it with 100B in cash, delivered in C130 cargo carriers and funneled away to mullah swiss bank accounts or kept in deep palatial vaults. Remember Sadam’s sons – Kozay and Uday were caught with tractor trailers of cash fleeing for Syria. err whatever their names were I try to forget.

The money never EVER gets to the people. It’s all pocket lining. And these warlords just get to build up armies and henchmen to do no good around the world, or reimburse terrorist families for Papa who is now in a million pieces.

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Giving Iran that money was one of the all time blunders in history. It is the LEFTS typical error – that all people and all races are the same. “They will become good people, if only they weren’t economically disadvantaged” it’s the same with the blacks, who continue to bustacappinaniggasass 20 a weekend in Chi-town. IT’s the insanity of the Leftist world view which is utterly non-science and utterly incorrect. What on earth were they thinking? They could have so easily said “And in 20 years once you have demonstrated you are upstanding and solid nation we’ve got a treat of 100B for you” but NO THEY DIDN’T

Oh well. Kerry is rich like he gives a crap he divorced his dying wife. He huxtered the army for 3 fake purple hearts to get out of military service. Douche.

Scum rises to the top. Our society rewards assholes and punishes the good. It’s a sign our own nation isn’t doing very well lately.