They set out bound for far off lands like Germany and England. They are the war refugees from Syria who are from Eritrea, Sudan, Pakistan, and Somalia. Err wait, that makes no sense. Neither does going all the way to Europe and England when salvation is 500 miles away in neighboring African countries.

Ahh but theres no free welfare in those countries. In those countries you have to WORK!

Israel is offering illegal immigrants $3,500 and a one-way ticket home as it begins to crack down on refugees, who face prison if they don’t take up the deal. Rights groups are appalled at the move, saying Israel should be doing more to protect them.

Israel says the tough move is necessary to send a message to migrants that making the journey is not worthwhile in the first place. As deterrents it has built a steel fence along the border with Egypt, houses migrants in a detention camp in the middle of a desert, and has stopped issuing work permits to deter would-be migrants

    After we killed all our trees our nation is like a desert and nothing grows. Because we are incapable of thinking for the future.

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Hundreds of Ethiopian Israelis protest in Haifa:  We Demand The Right To Invade Your Nation!

Approximately 135,500 Ethiopian Jews live in Israel, and more than a third of them – over 50,000 – were born there. Like Germany, Israel is getting Negro-fied. And if they don’t act soon it will be too late.


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Eritrean refugees in Israel, waving Israeli flags, demand changes in Eritrea so they can go home. Err wait WHAT? Why don’t they go home and FIX it! CAN’T because NIGGRAHS!!!!   They CAUSE the problems and they BRING IT WITH THEM. The problem is NEGROID GENETICS not Eritrea. These protests are disgusting.

A government program has offered those without legal papers the chance to return home with $3,500 in cash, the option of going to a third country, or spend an indefinite time in an Israeli prison.

Over the past two years, over 9,000 Africans have taken up Israel’s offer and left. But it is not enough. Saudi Arabia has long refused to take in the Africans. And What about Chad, and Botswana and other neighboring nations? They have not opened their arms to fleeing Somalians and Eritreans.


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African’s pray for free Welfare in Europe someday ….

It has been reported that Israel has been in negotiations with African nations to accept more refugees, with the media speculating that Israel could offer these countries technology, money or contracts if they accept asylum seekers who are trying to settle in Israel. But even cold hard cash is not enough for African nations to take in these migrants from Africa. Maybe they know something Europe does not!