They keep bringing it up. Endlessly. The past days when white people had a system of defending themselves from the violence and rapes from blacks. It was called the KKK and they did lynch black people, but do we really know if those lynched were innocents or did a black man just rape a white families 13 year old daughter? Or did a gang of blacks just kill a white man? Lynching was the way to keep black violence in check. Of course the whoreish white women who coal burned and denied they did so voluntarily caused many a black man to die and really they are lower than the negro. But like Slavery or the Holohoax, Blacks just can’t shut up about “racism” which was NEVER racism which was whites protecting themselves from genocide which THEY NO LONGER DO and NOW FACE GENOCIDE. But the end point – Spike Lee race pimps endlessly with shit movies like “Do the Right Thing” which portrays kindly pizza makers as racist and sees the whole world as racist. Spike’s racist world view is so disturbing and so out of date he has lost the narrative.


Not only does the movie suck, it is factually inaccurate. The Klan existed to protect white americans from black violence. They never planned “a big attack” as the movie proposes. The Klan was an unsavory response to rising out of control black violence.

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I’m a black man with a honkie.

Instead his movie should be about nice white communities now destroyed by rapes and shootings by the blacks Obama moved in under his program to destroy and target majority white housing communities by plowing in section 8 housing and free bonuses to blacks to terrorize the whites. How about talking about THAT racism? Nope.

Or his movie could have been about the thousands of stories each year of blacks in schools running violent and rampaging, attacking teachers and white students. Nope he didn’t want to talk about that.

Or he could talk about the blacks “knockout game” where they randomly assault whites often killing them.

Or he could talk about the 40,000 black on white rapes each year. Or the 25 times higher homicide rates for blacks vs. whites.

OR he could make a movie about the rampaging gangs of 17 year olds (their last year before facing the big house so they go nuts) like the multiple times they did that in the once safe Baltimore harbor district.

NO! He will talk about 1950’s racism and 1820’s slavery ENDLESSLY and ON and ON and ON. He will NEVER discuss the FAILURE of VIOLENT RAPING LOW IQ NIGGRUHS in America. NEVER. What a total douche. You are a pathetic race pimp Mr. Lee. And your movies SUCK!

This BULLSHIT REALITY feeds black hatred and racism.  Let’s talk about some reality for a second:

Black on White Crime - YouTube
Photo: Black attacks white woman and her baby for no reason except racial hatred of whites. 

A video captured the June 19th brutal black assault on a teenage girl and a toddler The suspect was taken into custody Sunday night.

Breitbart Texas spoke with Cruz Hernandez, a Rowlett Police Department detective and public information officer, about the attack. Wanting to correct the story that the crime was a racially charged one, Hernandez said that much of the information on the Internet was not accurate.

Shown in the video above, the suspect and her friend confronted the victim at Herfurth Elementary School, a Garland ISD campus. A toddler and the victim’s sister both sat with the victim. The suspect (girl standing on the left) decided to confront the victim (girl seated on left side of bench) and challenge her to a fight. The white woman was not interested in fighting, and once the black realized the white woman and her baby wouldn’t accept the challenge, she attacked them in a brutal manner. The suspect dragged the victim onto the grass, where she kicked her one time and punched with a closed fist several times. She also tried to beat the toddler.

Rowlett Police identified the girl as a 14-year-old juvenile. Her name will not be released according to a Fox4News report. The girl was processed into the Dallas County Henry Wade Juvenile Detention Center located in Dallas, Texas. She was taken into custody with the help of her family.