Women have cucked white men and destroyed them so completely through whore-dom, cuckery, and divorce rape, that they no longer have any protectors. And soon they are finding more and more that as they get attacked and raped by our more unseeming elements, there’s no one there for them. The police pick up the pieces if they are still alive, which isn’t often.

In the old days, it was the KKK that kept the law when the courts refused to. One wonders if it isn’t time for women to begin organizing their own Ku movement to empower them, no not with pussy hats, but with members who will protect them. If they are worth fighting for. If they continue their whore-mongering and anti-christian immigration welcoming miscegenating horrors, well they can just be left to their fate which will not be good.

Of course, the real men are long gone, MGTOW, or left the plantation altogether. No, it will be the Ku Cucks Klan, a clan of whiney latte drinking wimps with low testosterone and pink sweaters.  Defense by Cucks is no defense at all. Good Luck Ladies, you did this to yourselves!

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