Her name was Whitney not WHITEY. Why do they keep showing a white woman? Black women go to incredible lengths to look more white most commonly using fake hair.

Whitney teaser trailer

Academy Award®-winner Kevin Macdonald (MarleyTouching The VoidOne Day In SeptemberThe Last King Of Scotland), Academy Award®-winning producer Simon Chinn (Man On WireSearching For Sugarman), and his Lightbox co-founder Emmy® Award-winning producer Jonathan Chinn (LA 92Fantastic Lies) and multi-Emmy® Award nominated and Happy Street Entertainment co-founder Lisa Erspamer (Running From Crazy) tell the unvarnished and authentic story of the late icon’s life in a film that examines both the meteoric highs and devastating lows of her remarkable and unforgettable career.

Here’s the real drug addict in case you’ve forgotten… The movie tries to make a case oh she was abused that’s why she had problems. NO. So many of us have so many issues and we overcome them, well if we are white we do. Whitney had it all and she threw it all away for cocaine. That is the way she will be remembered.

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