Spike Lee hopes 'BlacKkKlansman' is a wake-up call for the Trump era

First it was black panther getting the 100% rating at rotten tomatoes , while the real people scored it closer to 60%.

Now it’s spike lees racist trash bomb blackkklansman taking a prize at Canes. But at least it didn’t get the top prize, muh diversity can’t quite edge out real talent quite yet. Of course Cate Blanchet judging it couldn’t have helped matters.

IT’s like Obama getting the peace price before he even did anything based on what he MIGHT do. What he DID do was topple Egypt and Libya and drum up wars in Syrai, Yemen, et al.

If a negro scores a 70 on a test every claps because most flunk or cant hold a pencil or more likely don’t bother to even show up. So for just showing up, Spike Lee gets another award. DONT YOU BUY IT. The movie is GARBAGE. It’s CABBAGE.